Prince and Chow on Prince

Offensive coordinator Norm Chow talked about how his starting quarterback, Kevin Prince, looked on his first day of practice, and Prince discussed the process of coming back, whether he could be ready for Saturday, and his favorite blended meal while his jaw was wired shut...

How'd Kevin Prince look?
‘'He looked good. He looked a little rusty. We tried to give him as many reps as we can. He doesn't get his final say until Wednesday, I believe it is. But he looked pretty good … a little rusty. He didn't miss a meeting, he didn't miss a workout, so the mental part is still there. He just needs to get a bunch of reps. This game is all about timing and that kind of stuff. I thought he looked OK.''

Can he get the necessary reps in the next two days?
‘'Yeah. There's a lot of quarterbacks that need reps. It just depends on the guy. There's some quarterbacks that needed all the reps they could take and if you were a second unit guy, you wouldn't get any. It's just a matter of making sure he gets enough.''

So you could see him starting on Saturday?
‘'We'll see. I guess he still has to get an OK tomorrow or whatever.''

How much more can you do with Kevin back out there than the past two weeks?
‘'I think we can obviously throw the ball around a little bit more. I thought Kevin Craft handled things pretty good, but you know this guy has a little more down the field kind of strength.''

With the past two weeks, was the thinking to just get through?
‘'No. I think any game you play, you try to win. Everybody knew Stanford was going to control the ball, that's what they did. We couldn't just go out there and go three plays and out. We had to hold onto the ball a little bit and try to score.  I thought we did OK with that. Then we fell behind and we had to open it up and throw it. You do what it takes to win the game. People who say, ‘You run it too much, you throw it too much,' they don't understand. You're just trying to win the game. If our defense is on the field for 10, 12 plays and we go three-and-out and get them back on, that's not fair to them.''

Kevin Prince answered questions. 

So are you going to slide instead of taking hits?
‘'I'd love to tell you that I'd slide, but we'll see …''

Is the naked bootleg in the game plan this week?
‘'We always have nakeds … I don't know about backed up on the goal line, but … I can't reveal that.''

What was the most important thing about getting back out here today in terms of your relationships with your teammates?
‘'You know, it's great to be back out here with the guys. It's just human nature, the more you kind of stay away … you know I was living at home for the last three weeks, just so I could eat, have my mom help me eat, blend up stuff for me and that was great, that's the reason I kept on some weight. It was too difficult to stay here so I didn't get to see the guys that much. When that happens, it's just human nature to lose contact a little bit, so it was good to get back out here and get back with the guys and start playing football again.''

What was your favorite blended meal?
‘'It was … it sounds gross and I didn't try it until week 1 passed, my mom wanted to make me eat it, but it was beans, Spanish rice and salsa all mixed up. I sipped it up. It was a smoothie. It was great. That was my lunch for like four days straight.''

How about last night, at Lawry's?
‘'It was outstanding. It was better than beans ...''

Any doubt you'll be starting on Saturday?
‘'There's some. I'm preparing as if I'm going to play, but I still haven't seen the doctor, he hasn't checked up on me yet, so he hasn't cleared me. The coaches obviously have the final say, so … I'm preparing as if I'm going to play and hopefully I'm allowed to.''

How much did the missed time affect you out here today?
‘'Some things were a little sloppy. Just little stuff that I screwed up, reads and decisions … when you're in there you've got to get used to it and get the feel of the defense and what they're doing, so it was tough. We kind of just went into the meeting rooms today and they threw a bunch of stuff at us and we had to come out here and run it. It will be good tonight to kind of sit down and study everything and come back out here and do better tomorrow.''

Do you feel the same reps tomorrow and Thursday will be enough?
‘'Oh, yeah. I feel like, you know, as practice wore on and stuff I was getting back. I feel by tomorrow I should be pretty comfortable and by Thursday I should be fine.''

And the X-rays tomorrow … get by that and the doubt goes away?
‘'Yeah … I mean, if it looks good I would hope that I would play, but that's up to the coaches.'' 

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