Barr: "Two I'm Most Interested In"

Anthony Barr, the 6-4, 225-pound running back/athlete from Los Angeles Loyola, has played his recruitment close to the vest, but after visiting one school officially last weekend, he conceded that he's currently interest in two programs the most...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola running back/athlete Anthony Barr is sounding like he's getting more serious about his recruitment.

In the past he's always played it pretty close to the vest about school preferences, but today, in a text, he told us two schools are standing out for him.

When asked what schools are his favorites, Barr said "You could say that UCLA and Notre Dame are the two I'm the most interest in." Barr took an official visit to Notre Dame last weekend, and told us about the visit.

"I really enjoyed my trip, it was a great experience," said Barr. "The atmosphere was crazy. The fans were really into it. My mom and my grandparents and little brother were there. My mom was more a spectator than anything. I got along really well with all the other recruits and the guys on the team. Everyone hangs out there together. Dayne (Crist) especially gave me insight. He was a cool guy. It was good to talk with them and spend some 1-on-1 time with the coaches. They said wherever I want to play, that's where they'd put me. As of right now, it's up in the air. I met with Coach Alford, Coach Tenuta and spoke with every coach. I had a lot of time to speak with Coach (Charlie) Weis."

And the temptation to commit was there, but he held off.

"I didn't know if my feelings were real or if it was the post-trip glow," said Barr. "So I wanted to come home and think about it more."

Besides UCLA and Notre Dame, Barr said he's still considering Michigan, Cal, and USC.

"I'm going to check out Cal, though it's undecided when, and Michigan, probably for the Ohio State game, soon," said Barr. "Those two schools are highly probable to get visits. I probably won't take USC or UCLA visits. But I may end up taking one of those, I don't know."

The versatile Barr, who could play running back or linebacker in college, said Notre Dame is still recruiting him as an athlete, which is much the same at every other school he's still focusing on.

"I'd play wherever gets me on the field early," said Barr. "I'm open to wherever."

Barr remains sidelined for the season with an ankle injury, and while he's able to spend a little more time thinking about recruiting, he says it hasn't affected his recruitment.

"It's not going to speed up the process, but it's giving me an opportunity to check things out a little more," said Barr. "They said everything is going to be back to normal, but they just don't want me to risk anything. We'll see how I feel and what the doctor's say about track. I'm hopeful too I can play in the U.S. Army Game, but I don't want to do anything to hurt it anymore. So we'll see."

Having been heavily recruited since he was a sophomore, Barr said he's anxious to get through the process. "It hasn't been that bad, but I am looking forward to it getting over," said Barr.

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