Zeigler Talks After UCLA Visit

Trey Zeigler, the 6-4 shooting guard from Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) High, talked to another Scout.com team site after his UCLA official visit, discussing his intentions for more visits, a time frame for his decision, and more...

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Sam Webb:  How did the in home go (with Michigan)?

Trey Zeigler:  "It went really well.  It went really well.  I got to sit down with coach Beilein and Coach Jack and got to talk to them for a while.  It was a good conversation."

Sam Webb:  What if anything did you take away from this particular interaction with the coaches?

Trey Zeigler:  "I would say that they really respect the fact that how much time we've both put in there.  Me going up there, as many times as I've been up there and them returning it… all the different times that they've been able to come see me…  I've been impressed with that conversation and things like that."

Sam Webb:  Has everyone been through now or you still got some more people to come through?

Trey Zeigler:  "Everybody has been through.  Arizona, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Providence has been here, LSU.  Everybody has been through."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be doing an official visit to Michigan? 

Trey Zeigler:  "I'm taking an official to Michigan on the 24th (October)."

Sam Webb:  For the Penn State game?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah."

Sam Webb:  Do you have any of your others set up yet?

Trey Zeigler:  "I went to UCLA last weekend.  Right now, the other schools, it is really between Arizona, Michigan State and Providence.  Those are really my only other schools right now."

Sam Webb:  So take me through the Oklahoma and UCLA visits; how were they?  How did they go?

Trey Zeigler:  "They both went very well.  I would say Oklahoma…I would say they were a lot different from each other.  Oklahoma is a real small town, big time football school, but I had a lot of fun.  The group of guys they have is a great group of guys.  Coach Capel is a really cool guy.  It was a lot of fun.  Then UCLA, it was kind of just going back home really, other than getting to know the players.  I didn't know those guys, the new guys, other than that.  I know the coaching staff already.  It was like a reunion.  I got to see some people that I haven't seen in a while."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a better feel for both programs… for how you would fit in?  Is there immediate playing time at both places?  Would your role be as prominent at both places?

Trey Zeigler:  "Yeah.  They were both saying the same thing.  I think with UCLA, there is a good chance that Malcolm Lee might be gone and he plays the two and the three.  Right now they would only have two or three guards coming back next year.  So it is going to be a lot of playing time there.  Oklahoma, they were thinking that Willie Warren was going to leave there too.  So there is probably going to be a lot of playing time at both spots."

Sam Webb:  Was it just you that went or did you mom make it out? I know your dad probably couldn't go, but what about your mom?

Trey Zeigler:  "No.  My mom didn't come on either trip.  The Oklahoma trip, my great grandmother was sick and she stayed home with her.  This trip, she just didn't make the trip out to LA.  She (mom) is going to come to Michigan though… her and my grandmother."

Sam Webb:  You said earlier you've got Michigan State and Providence as others that you are going to take officials to?

Trey Zeigler:  "It is between State, Providence and Arizona.  All three of them have talked about doing officials, but we haven't really set a date."

Sam Webb:  If you had to guess at this point and time, would you guess that you are going to take all five officials or is it a possibility that you might not do that?

Trey Zeigler:  "I think I'm going to."

Sam Webb:  Back to Michigan… Did Coach Beilein and Coach Jackson talk about Carlton Brundidge committing?

Trey Zeigler:  "That's funny.  I knew that Carlton had committed through a lot of people that had told me.  Actually, I haven't talked to Carlton and coach Beilein didn't say anything about it either.  I did know that, but I forgot to even bring it up to him, but yeah that was a great get."

Sam Webb:  I was just wondering if they had spoken to you about how your games would intertwine.  He said they were talking to him about maybe playing the one.  Did they talk to you at all about Brandan Kearney and how you all might fit together?

Trey Zeigler:  "I know Carlton does a lot of different things.  He showed a lot of point guard skills and Lebron Camp.  Me, him and Ray (McCallum) were on the same team at Lebron.  I got to see him do a lot of different things.  With Brandon, they haven't talked as much about Brandon as they used to, but I know they still really high on him; Brandon tells me that.  I know they are still really high on them.  I know Brandon loves them."

Sam Webb:  Speaking of Ray. what is he talking about these days?

Trey Zeigler:  "He's pretty much in the same spot as me.  He's probably going to make a decision before me.  Other than that, we went on the UCLA visit together and the Oklahoma visit together, had a good time.  I think he's planning on going to Florida in a couple of weeks and Arizona in a couple of weeks."

Sam Webb:  Are you guys still considering doing the dynamic duo thing in college?

Trey Zeigler:  "It's a possibility still.  It's kind of like he same thing.  If it happens, it happens really.  We have three schools – Oklahoma, Arizona and UCLA that are the same."

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