Tuesday Report, Neuheisel Comments

The weather affects practice, for the good and bad, one of the team's leaders is still sidelined and day-to-day, and Rick Neuheisel talked about the match-up with Cal, what it will take to stop Jahvid Best, and more...

Linebacker Reggie Carter was held out because of his sprained knee. He said that he expected to be able to play on Saturday against Cal. …

With Carter sidelined, Steve Sloan was taking the reps with the No. 1 defense at the Mike linebacker spot …

Safety Tony Dye did not attend practice – out with the flu. He is expected back on Wednesday. …

With Dye down, Glenn Love was running with the No. 1 defense at strong safety, with freshman Dalton Hilliard and Aaron Ware with the twos. …

Cornerback Aaron Hester continued to do some light jogging, coming back from his fractured leg. …

Milton Knox (flu) and Korey Bosworth (ribs) were back in practice. …

Jonathan Franklin was dressed, but did not participate in any team periods. Christian Ramirez and Damien Thigpen were getting most of the reps with the No. 1 offense, with Derrick Coleman and Knox also sprinkled in …

Rick Neuheisel's comments after practice.

‘'Fun practice today, with the elements. It's not often you get this sort of conditions here in Southern California. The players enjoyed it. Sounds like we're going to get more of it tomorrow, but then it looks like it will clear out of here by the weekend. It is what it is, we get ourselves ready and, you know, mental preparation as well as physical preparation will obviously be great for future contests if they are in inclement weather.''

How does the weather affect preparation?

‘'The downside to it is we don't want to tear up all our grass, so we get onto one field, which means you don't have quite as much room or space that you normally do. But I think that's overshadowed by the fact that the kids enjoy it, so we get some good tempo and good urgency. I thought it was a good practice.''

Did you guys need a practice like this, a fun one, after the past two games?

‘'You know, I don't know what's good timing and what's not. I know the kids enjoyed the weather and it was fun, and it makes you bear down, makes you concentrate no doubt about it.''

Rahim Moore, what is he bringing to the team with his play and with his leadership?

‘'Rahim is a very talented young man, got off to a blazing start, had a little bit of adversity with what took place in the Stanford game but came back and I know he's eager to play a better game this week. He's excited about being back in full swing and is ready to kind of resume hopefully where he started the season.''

The home team has won nine in a row in this series. What do you take from that, if anything?

‘'It's a great series. It's an important game to both teams. None of those nine matter in this one. It's a huge ball game for both teams and both still have high hopes for a great season so it's an important ball game.''

Jahvid Best has been held to less than 60 yards in back-to-back games, how much can you take out of that compared to what he's capable of?

‘'Well, I mean, he's an explosive player, but he's not their only explosive player. They've got guys you have to wrap up and make sure you've got him down. Shane Vereen is a very talented kid, so it isn't a one-man show by any stretch of the imagination. Plus they're an explosive team throwing the ball down the field, too. We've got our hands full defensively. It will take a great team effort.''

This is your third straight week against a pretty good back …

‘'Yeah, that's kind of how it is in this league. We've said it all along – it's a very competitive conference. The two teams we've played are off to good seasons and Cal started off gangbusters … these are talented teams that we're playing.''
Do you get the sense the team revs itself up for Cal any more than another team?

‘'I think we're at a place in our program we better rev it up every time we play. And, certainly, we have great respect for Cal and the history of the game, but we just have to play our best to give ourselves a chance to have success and get our fourth win.''

What's Reggie Carter's status?

‘'He's day to day. You know, he's one of those guys that I think a year ago he did the same thing and ended up playing a whale of a ball game, so we're just going to wait and see. I trust Reggie – he's been through enough of this to be honest with us. He's getting all kinds of treatment and I think that … if I were a betting man – and I'm not … and I'm not – I would say that he'd play.''

What did you think of Kevin Prince's practice?

‘'Given the elements, it was good. There was a lot of good stuff. It's about consistency and him being a consistent player.''

Where do things stand with Sheldon Price and Courtney Viney?

‘'I think it's a nice problem for us to have, given the loss of Aaron, and hopefully we get Aaron back, but you're always looking for depth. You know, where our program is different than maybe some of the others is great depth. A lot of our depth right now currently is guys that haven't played. So, when you get guys chances to play, and now all those guys have had chances to play, you feel better about where you stand at that position.'' 

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