Prince About Correcting Mistakes

The redshirt freshman quarterback, Kevin Prince, talked about what he saw in the tape of the Oregon game, what happened to him specifically, and what he needs to do to correct his mistakes...

Kevin Prince answered questions after practice this week.

Looking at the tape of the game on Sunday, what did you learn from that?

‘'You know, you've just got to learn how to forget those mistakes. I think going out there after that kickoff return, I was just not thinking straight, trying to force things maybe. I made a poor decision there, picking that side. In looking at it, it's clear what side I should have gone to and it should have been the other side where the corner was more off. And then going back out there, you just can't … I guess I learned you've got to really focus, especially in those situations, to not make mistakes, then two plays later going out and fumbling the ball. Stuff like that you just can't do.

‘'Then after that it was like I was in panic mode almost. Watching myself on film, I was just looking for a second and then looking to run when I didn't have to. People will say things about the line not doing well, but they did fine. Sometimes, especially near the end of that game, I just got into panic mode and so I've just got to learn to slow it down and focus and really think about what I'm doing and that's what I focused on today in practice.''

It has to be tough to slow yourself down in that situation, once the ball starts rolling …

‘'I've just got to take the way I play on the practice field and transfer it to games.''

I'm guessing if you had been out there all four weeks, you don't get sped up like that …

‘'Yeah, but still, it shouldn't happen.''

So it's all behind you then?

‘'Absolutely. It is what it is. It's a learning experience and it's something that hopefully won't ever happen again. I think it will be ultimately good for me. It sucks to have to go through it, but it's definitely a good learning experience and so I'm going to do what I can to make sure that doesn't happen again and help my team win.''

Is there a way to recognize, 'OK, I'm starting to get a little sped up here'?

‘'I think the easiest way to tell, No. 1, is the way the ball flies out. When you're rushing things, your arm slot gets in different places and the ball flies out. I think that's the way it is with me. Then, you know, you can just focus on it. What I've been doing when that happens is just focus on the footwork and just get back t the basics. I'm slowly learning, but it's coming along.''

You threw some good balls today, despite the weather …

‘'Yeah, I felt a lot more comfortable today, just sitting in the pocket and when things weren't there … that's the thing, I was looking for it and if it wasn't there right then I was running … I'm just being more patient and trusting my receivers.''

How is that process? You've got a pretty deep group of receivers, but no one has really separated themselves, become that No. 1 guy.

‘'Well, I have to get the ball to them more. The way they emerge as big time players is me getting the ball to them and I haven't been doing that. I put that on myself. We've got to be able to throw the ball downfield more and those guys will make plays.''

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