Snead Pulls the Trigger

William Snead, a 6-4, 210 pound athlete from Oakland (Calif.) Skyline, has been down to Cal and UCLA for some time now and has gone back and forth, not just daily but hourly, according to his head coach John Beam at Skyline. Finally a decision has been made...

"He committed last night to UCLA," Beam said. "It was so close, I mean the schools are so similar in a lot of ways. Both are UC schools with a great education. Both have young head coaches and I believe in both of them a lot. William had dragged this thing out for so long that I finally put a deadline on him and said, 'William, at this time tomorrow, you have to make your choice. Wherever you're feeling good about at that time, that's where you should go.'

"That ended up being UCLA. I think if I had set the deadline two hours later, it could have been Cal. That's how close the two were but William came to school this morning thanking me because after sleeping on the decision, he knows he made the right one and is very excited about it.

"I think the main factors just had to do with an overall comfort level he felt. He likes the idea of staying close to home but still getting away from home. Plus when Larry Kerr came down here, he made an impact on him and he liked what his role in the defense will be. They're recruiting him as a linebacker but I could see him ending up at defensive end because he's already 6-4 and growing. William is a very talented player and very similar to Omar Nazel (USC) who I had here. I think William might be even a little more explosive and athletic than Omar. He controlled our defense all season long."

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