Prince on Cal Game, Performance

Quarterback Kevin Prince talked about the Cal game Saturday, how the offense did better against the Bears compared to Oregon, his improving comfort level, going down the field more, and the interception...

Quarterback Kevin Prince talked to us after the Cal game Saturday. On the difference in the offense from the Oregon game:

"I feel like we didn't get too down after last week and we had a tough week in practice, the pouring rain. But we were just determined to get better. For myself, I was focused on staying in the pocket and not rushing around. Last week I was running around with my head cut off and rushing things, it was just ridiculous. This week I felt like when I got pressure, I was more comfortable in the pocket. And I think we'll continue to do better."

On his own comfort level after the three week layoff:

"Absolutely, I feel more comfortable. Since Tuesday's practice, I've been given a lot more confidence and that's just helped me.. I thought every day I got better and better and more comfortable. So that's something I'm just going to continue to work on."

On being more aggressive going down field:

"That's just Coach Chow's philosophy and taking advantage. In the past, we've had opportunities like that and even myself, or whoever was running it, didn't take advantage of it and let our receivers make the plays. We talked all week about making plays, making plays, and that's just Coach Chow's philosophy. And I think we're starting to understand it."

On the slow offensive starts:

"I feel like we've been in situations where we've been down and then we couldn't get anything going. But the only thing we can do is keep working hard and keep trying to make plays. And I've just got to keep getting better and I have to help my teammates and let them make the plays."

On the interception in the final minutes:

"I just under threw it. He was open. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss him because he was so open and I tried to aim it a little too much and just short armed it and that's what happens."

On more confidence in the offense as they hit the road the next two weeks:

"We'll be good. I feel comfortable with the offense the way it is and we're moving, so we'll be fine. We've seen some tough times here at UCLA the past two years, and we know we just have to be tough. So we'll be good."

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