Franklin: "Nobody is Satisfied"

The starting tailback, Johnathan Franklin, answered qwuestions after the California game, about the advances of the offense, but also about the important of the Arizona game and how the players want to continue to get better...

On the difference in the offense from the Oregon game:

"We were working harder in practice. Everything I did today, I was doing in practice. When we work hard in practice, we just take everything with us and take it up a level. We played like we practice."

On the team's psyche after losing three in a row:

"Adversity always comes in life and you always have that to overcome. Coach Neuheisel compared it to Las Vegas. Before it became what it is, there was nothing there. Nobody thought it would be what it is now. And look at it, it's one of the top cities in the country. Everyone wants to go there. Right now, we're desert hunting for Las Vegas. But we're going to become great. We're definitely going to be great."

On his long touchdown run:

"It was a counter. Like I said, it was just like practice. Just like we do in the drills. Nothing I do in games, is any different than how I work in practice. So I just do what I did in practice."

On the passing-centric offense of the second half:

"I always want to run the ball. Like all running backs, we're always hungry for the ball and we always want to run it. But whatever we have to do for the team, I'm cool with that."

On the potential of the offense:

"We looked o.k. today. We had a lot of opportunities today that would have helped us. We shot ourselves in the foot. I can tell you nobody on the offense is satisfied. We want more. We know how good we can be and how great we can look. We just still have to work on things."

On the importance of getting their first Pac-10 win at Arizona next week:

"Oh man, it's very big. It's a big game for us. This really is the game that is going to tell how our season is going to go. We definitely need a win and we definitely need it on the road."

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