Christian Returns from UCLA Visit's No. 3-rated cornerback, Cullen Christian, made a late Monday evening return from sunny California. Christian had to adjust from the 30-degree Pittsburgh weather to the 80-plus temperatures in Southern California. Christian took some time to recap his official visit to UCLA with us....

Pittsburgh (Penn.) Penn Hills four-star cornerback Cullen Christian played in a quagmire and 30 degree temperatures on Friday night and then early Saturday he was on an airplane to Los Angeles with a stop in Chicago. One of the nation's top defensive backs was on his first official visit to UCLA.

Christian arrived on Saturday after the Bruins game against the Cal Bears had already begun. His host for his visit was redshirt freshman fullback Jayson Allmond.

"I arrived on Saturday and I got to the game in the second quarter," Christian said. "I had a chance to speak with the coaches a little bit after the game. We went back to the hotel to hang out a little while and then we went to Lawry's Steakhouse to eat dinner. I ate some steak and spent more time talking with the coaches.

"The atmosphere at the game was nice," he said. "It was different; I mean I cannot even describe what I mean other than it was different."

Christian learned firsthand that the weather in Pittsburgh is very different than the weather in Westwood.

"When I left Pittsburgh it was freezing so I had a thermal and a hooded sweatshirt on," Christian explained. "I didn't have time to change, so at the game I was dying. It was so hot with all that stuff on. I never thought the temperature would be that different."

After the game Christian and a group of recruits spent some time hanging out.

"Lache Seastrunk the running back from Texas was there," Christian said. "There were also teammates from somewhere in Atlanta. There was a big lineman (JaWuan James and a wide receiver Justin Dickens). We went back to the hotel after we ate and then we went out with some of the players."

After a night on the town and a few hours of rest, Christian had a chance to see what UCLA was all about.

"On Sunday they took us to this restaurant down by the beach to eat breakfast," Christian said. "Coach (Rick) Neuheisel took us on a tour of the campus. We had a chance to see all the facilities and to talk with the trainers and everything. After our tour we went back to the hotel.

"After we rested up a little bit we went to Coach Neuheisel's house to eat," Christian continued. "We had the chance to spend more time talking to the coaching staff."

Overall Christian gave the Bruins high marks.

"The trip went well," Christian said. "I don't have any complaints. I had a real good time. I would say UCLA moved up on the list a little bit. I'm not naming a favorite, everyone will find out who the favorite is on November 24th when I announce my decision."

Christian does admit that he has a top five and he is scurrying to make sure he visits all five schools before announcing his decision.

"My top five is Michigan, Ohio State, UCLA, West Virginia and Pittsburgh," he stated. "I'm taking an official to West Virginia this weekend. I'm trying to get one scheduled with Ohio State. I'm going to Michigan on the 21st for an unofficial when they play Ohio State. I'm going to try and go to Pittsburgh when they play Notre Dame or Syracuse."

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