Neuheisel on Wednesday

A defensive starter leaves practice with an injury, there's some movement on the offensive line, and Rick Neuheisel talked about facing Oregon State and Beaver quarterback Sean Canfield...

Defensive tackle Jerzy Siewierski went down with an injury to his right foot and was on crutches after the practice. Coach Rick Neuheisel was unsure of the extent of the injury, but we should get an update.

Cornerback Alterraun Verner, who has a dislocated toe, was very limited in practice. He said it was just a day to get it some rest and that he expected to play on Saturday at Oregon State.

Ryan Taylor, the JC transfer, was getting the majority of reps at the right guard spot. Nick Ekbatani got some reps but did most of his work with the No. 2s and also took some reps at center.

He had a nice pass rush drill, beating Brian Price.

Tight end Nate Chandler (concussion) and Taylor Embree (concussion), who were held out of practice on Tuesday, were upgraded into red ''no-contact'' jerseys.

Running back Milton Knox did not get as much work with the No. 1 offense as he had on Tuesday.

Glenn Love was taking the majority of No. 1 reps at strong safety.

Rick Neuheisel talked after practice Wednesday.

‘'It was a good practice. I just found out that Jerzy Siewierski tweaked something, so we'll find out what the significance of that is, but I don't know any more details than that.''

Tweaked something where?

‘'Sounds like in his foot, so we'll have to wait and see.''

Combined with Reggie Carter and Alterraun Verner, that's three pretty important guys …

‘'Yeah, but that's what it is. It is what it is. Other than that, I thought it was a terrific practice. Guys were flying around and were woring hard and are eager to get on the trip and play our best game.''

What does Sean Canfield do that impresses you?

‘'He's just a very consistent player. He's got great command of that offense and he knows where to get the ball and is very difficult to get to. He's having a very nice season.''

This seems like the first time in about a month and a half where you're playing a really good quarterback paired with a really good running back. How do you balance the preparation?

‘'I thought we did that last week. Nick Foles was hot and Nic Grigsby was a good player. I mean, obviously, the offense is a very accomplished offense and we have our work cut out for us.''

If Richard Brehaut gets his one series and he does really well, leads the team down for a touchdown or something like that …

‘'That would be great, wouldn't it? I love that kind of hypothetical …''

But if he does well, he's still coming out of the ball game after one series?

‘'I haven't made that determination. I'm going to play the quarterbacks as I see fit. I don't know that I have to lay it all out for you, I'm just telling you that he's going to get to play.''

And the running back situation, has it become more complicated, less complicated?

‘'The running back situation is we've got five guys that all want to play. Wayne Moses is my running backs coach and I count on him to make sure that then guys that are in there are ready to play and will play well. I know it's complicated, but that's what happens when you have a long line.''

Some movement on the offensive line today. Is it just about getting some looks?

‘'It's about putting the best five out there. It's always been about that. You know, we got a little spoiled having the same five for a good portion of the season but the idea of the best five hasn't changed. It's just getting the right combinations.''

With the defense, first and second down have been really solid, but third down …

‘'Well, you know, third down has been a bugaboo for us on both sides of the ball, not just defensively. It's a key down and one we've got to keep working to get better at. But I'm hopeful that our defense will do a better job getting off the field this week.''

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