Taylor Talks About Opportunity

The JC transfer offensive lineman, Ryan Taylor, got more reps in practice this week, and he talked about how it's been waiting for his turn since getting some playing time in the season's first game against San Diego State...

Offensive lineman Ryan Taylor talked to us at practice this week.

Lot of reps for you at guard… what's going on?

‘'Yes sir … I don't know, I mean, Coach (Bob) Palcic came up to me before practice today and told me he wanted to take a good shot at me with the 1s all day today so I went out there and did my best and tried to help the team out.''

Were you surprised by that? You played a handful of snaps in the opener, but none since then …

‘'No, I've been ready for that for a long time. I finally got my shot today and I hope I impressed him.''

Since that first game, what's been going on?

‘'I've just been kind of waiting and observing. I mean, Kai Maiava has been playing great and unfortunately we had some guys go down on the o-line and we need some help. Hopefully I can help the team out.''

So, at this point how good do you feel with everything that you have to do there?

'As a center, we have to make all of the calls. So, I mean, I pretty much know what to do on everything and Kai helps me out, too. Kai is a great player. He knows the whole offense in and out He makes all the calls and he'll tell me what to do if I do mess up. But I'm pretty confident I guess in my abilities.''

How about that guard spot, though?

‘'I played guard at my junior college my whole career there and I played guard my senior year of high school, so it ain't nothing new, it ain't no big deal. I've played there before.''

So it looks like you and Nick Ekbatani in a competitive deal to start on Saturday?

‘'Yeah, I mean, that's what it looks like. Let the best guy go out there. Whatever Coach Palcic chooses, let's just go with it and let's try to get a ‘W.' We need one bad.''

Is there a lot of adjusting to do, going to guard from center?

‘'Not really. I mean, I know pretty much what to do on everything to do because as a center, we have to know everything. So there's really not that much adjusting besides you don't have the ball in your hand every play. But, no, I wouldn't say there's a difference there.''

Physically, Oregon State is going to be a little different than San Diego State obviously. Is there an adjustment to be made there?

‘'My mindset is just go in there and play fast, just play my game, do what I'm supposed to do, so what the coaches ask and I think everything is going to fall into place. I really don't think it's going to be that much of a difference. I played against good competition at the JC level. A lot of people don't think there's good competition, but there really is. I don't think there's going to be that much of a difference. I just have to go out there and play fast, get ready to play, you know?''

You see some pretty good tackles here, too … ‘'Yeah, I've been going against Brian Price every day to help out. …''

I saw you stone him there in that pass rush drill. Looked like you hurt his arm there …

‘'I don't know what's up with that. I hope he's all right. I'm sure he's fine, he's a pretty tough guy.''

I'm sure that prepares you pretty well …

‘'Yeah, him and Jerzy Siewierski. Jerzy is a great 1-technique. I think he's really underrated. I hate going up against him because he's so strong. But, yeah, he's really good, too.''

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