Neuheisel, Prince, Rosario Comment

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel, quarterback Kevin Prince and receiver Nelson Rosario answered questions after the Oregon State game, mostly commented about how they hope to take the positives from this game and build on it...

Some of UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel's comments after the game...

On the loss:

"It was a tough loss. Our guys really fought to get back into the game. We had some chances to pull off a memorable one. We did show life and that there's a lot of fire inside the young kids."

On what went right:

"There were some sparks that hopefully can grow as the season comes into the final month."

On Kevin Prince:

"I thought he did some good things in the last quarter. He certainly made some good throws and looked like he started to calm down. He made some plays when we had to have plays. This (game) hopefully is a precursor to more consistent play as we go forward."

On the play calls:

"I trust that the play calls are the appropriate ones given the time and study that we put into the plan. You go into all weeks trying to give yourself the best chances with down and distance tendencies and the idea was what we called. To second guess it just because it didn't work doesn't seem right."

To Kevin Prince in the locker room after the game:

"I want you to have your best practice of the season this week."

UCLA Quarterback Kevin Prince commented.

On his confidence at the end of the game:

"I don't think anything changed for me in the fourth quarter. We saw things in the first half that we could take advantage of, and it was just a matter of executing in the fourth quarter. We moved the ball better. Little things kept us from doing it in the third quarter. I feel like we just have to come out better in the first half in future games. We have to be more consistent. When I say that, I'm really talking about myself. We can't go from game to game and have ups and downs like this. We have to put games together every week."

On what the comeback meant:

"It gives us confidence to know we can do it, and I won't be afraid to throw those kinds of balls earlier in the game. That just shows us what we're really capable of and I think it will help us out."

On the 4th quarter:

"I don't think anything changed for me. We saw things in the first half that we could take advantage of and it was just a matter of executing it. I feel like the third quarter we played pretty good too. We were moving the ball better but just little things, you know. Second and two and I rolled out and could have gotten a first down but I don't. And then we got stopped on third and two, so it's little things like that that kept us from doing the things we did in the fourth quarter."

On consistency:

"I can't go from game to game and have ups and downs like this. I have to put games like this together every week."

UCLA Wide Receiver Nelson Rosario

On the team's offensive inconsistency:

"It's all a mindset. You just gotta go out there and tell yourself that you gotta make these plays, and it'll come. We'll be fine.

On Kevin Prince…

"The whole time we've been telling him to trust us. We've been telling him that in practice, that we're going to come down with the ball. He trusted us and threw the ball up for us and we came down and made plays."

UCLA Game Notes:

Terrence Austin moved to No. 1 all-time at UCLA for number of career kickoff returns.

Nelson Rosario's 58-yard reception was the longest of his career (previous best, 30 yards). It was also his first career touchdown reception.

The 58-yard touchdown pass from Kevin Prince to Rosario was the longest pass play of Prince's career (previous best, 48 yards).

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