Post-Game: Chow, Bullough and More

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow, Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bullough comment after the Oregon State game, and we also get a few comments from the OSU side, from head coach Mike Riley...

UCLA Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow…

On what finally clicked in the fourth quarter:

"We made some plays. It's always important that somebody makes a play and I thought Nelson Rosario made a couple of plays and got some confidence going. You know we ran the same play earlier in the game, in fact on the first drive of the game we made a play then too. We just got on the board too late."

On whether there's such a thing as a moral victory:

"No. Never has been."

On the state of the team:

"Oh I think the young guys have done everything we've asked them to do and the coaching staff is fine. We've been around a couple of rodeos. We know what it takes to win a game or two. We just have to keep fighting. You can make every excuse in the world. You just gotta keep fighting and our young guys just gotta keep believing, and I think they do. We have a tremendous group of people. They do everything we ask, and that's all we can ask."

On whether things are moving forward with this offense:

"We think they've been moving forward all along. There was a little derailment last week, if you will. I don't know what the numbers are, I don't know any of that, other than the fact that we needed one more (point) than they had and we couldn't do it."

On running the ball three straight times in the red zone on the first drive of the third quarter.

"Oh, people don't understand. Tell me what the coverage was. Does anyone know what the coverage was? The coverage necessitated that we run. That's all it was."

On whether Prince took a step forward with this game:

"I thought he played pretty well, I have to see the tape though."

UCLA Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bullough…

On the scheme:

"Sometimes we have to play off. If we press all the time they can see patterns to beat you. So we have to mix it in there, as we did. You can't do one or the other or they can exploit you."

On his players:

"I'm not disappointed in any of our players, I'm actually proud of them. They come to work every time, they come to play every time, there's no lack of effort out there, coaches and players. We're battling. We're battling the best we can and we just have to keep going forward. There's nothing else to do."

OSU Head Coach Mike Riley…


"This has always been a good defensive team. If you don't capitalize and you're kicking field goals and you're leaving them not far behind, then in a couple of plays, they're right there. To their credit, they kept playing right until the end and I thought that was a great moment for their team to do that. I was proud of our composure to go down and score. We made some plays and scored the touchdown and that part of it was good. In no way did we ever think going in that it was going to be easy moving the ball against that defense."

OSU Running Back Jacquizz Rodgers

On the first pass of his college career, which resulted in a touchdown:

"We've been working on that play for like three weeks now, and coach said we were going to call it this week. It was nice because Brady (Camp) was wide open so it was an easy throw for me."

OSU Tight End Brady Camp

On Jacquizz's pass:

"It took until I got to the line to process the play, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, is this for real?' It opened up perfectly and I was wide open."

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