Prince on the OSU 4th Quarter

UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince talked about the offensive improvement in the fourth quarter of the Oregon State game, and how the offense intends to use that as a building block for advancement...

Kevin Prince talked a bit about the offensive improvement in the Oregon State game.

So do you feel like you made some good strides in that fourth quarter against Oregon State?

‘'Yeah, I feel like we put together a solid fourth quarter offensively and that's obviously our goal, to keep playing consistently like that and I think the key is to just not get too excited about it, just keep grinding and trying to get better.''

How do you make sure you build on that and don't take steps backward?

‘'Just, I think, going into last week our main focus was just to take it one play at a time and really just concentrate every play and then once that play was over just forget about it, whether it was good or bad, just forget about it. I think that's something that we really just have to focus on again this week, just focus on that play and once it's done it's done.''

Do you feel like you have more confidence in yourself now?

‘'Yeah, I mean … yeah, more confidence for sure.''

Is it just the play that comes from or are there other areas?

‘'You get out there and the more time you get out there and get to play the more relaxed you can be, the more comfortable you are and the more confident you are as a result. I think it's just a matter of that fourth quarter us moving the ball and scoring and stuff, it builds team morale and our confidence.''

How important is it to keep opening up that playbook, getting the ball down field and doing all of the things you guys did at the end of the game?

‘'It's real important. We need to be able to take bigger chunks downfield to keep our opponents guessing and make sure it opens up the run game for us and everything. We need to have a balanced offensive attack so I think it's going to be key for us to keep on doing that.''

When things aren't going well, you used to say a lot of times that you have to put it behind us and move forward. Now that there's been that glimmer, do you use any of that to carry into the next game or is that also … put it behind us?

‘'Yeah, like I was saying before, we're taking it one play at a time and then we're forgetting about it once it's over whether it be good or bad. The Oregon State game is behind us, we lost, and it's on to Washington.''

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