Prince From the Locker Room

Quarterback Kevin Prince talked about his performance, the must-needed win over Washington, being knocked out of the game, how he feels about playing next week, and more...

Kevin Prince answered questions from the locker room after the game.

So, how do you feel?

‘'I feel fine. You know, it feels good to get a win, get back on the winning road. I'm just proud of everybody's effort and it's on to Washington State next week and try to get another one.''

What about the hit?

‘'I probably should have slid, if you saw it. I was just trying to get a few extra yards and just dove. I guess I got hit helmet to helmet or something, I don't know. I don't really remember too much after that.''

Did you get knocked out?

‘'Yeah, just for a second or two. But I feel fine now. They said it was a minor concussion and I should be ready to go for next week.''

Rick (Neuheisel) said there were concussion symptoms … were you dizzy afterward?

‘'Just a little dizzy, a little drowsy … kind of a little sensitive to light and stuff …''

How is your jaw?

‘'It's fine. They checked that, too, to make sure it was holding up. I had my mouthpiece in and everything so it's all in place.''

So you feel right now you can play next week?


Could you have played the rest of the game?

‘'Probably not. I wasn't feeling too good and they especially didn't want to take the risk of taking another hit.''

What are your thoughts on what you saw out there, from Kevin Craft and everyone?

‘'I feel like we had some big time plays today. Craft, the touchdown pass to Terrence (Austin), and Terrence, he had that amazing catch. He had few other catches, Terrence did, on key third downs. It's just nice to see our offense kind of getting back in the swing and getting that swagger back. That's something we're going to try to carry on for next week.''

You were off to a pretty good start, had a nice rhythm going …

‘'Yeah, I felt good with everything. I feel like we had a good plan in place for Washington. We kind of felt like we knew what they were going to do so we tried to take advantage of it and like I said, our receivers were making good plays for us all day.''

Is it frustrating, the starting and stopping? You had the jaw, now the concussion …

‘'Nah, I'm just happy we won. I'll take the win anyway. So I'm fine with it.''

It seems like things are slowing down for you out there …

‘'I think that's the perfect way to describe it. You know, when I've been struggling in past games it feels like I'm rushing things and hurrying it. The last couple of games I've kind of been able to feel like I'm slowing down and know what the defenses are doing. That's something I'm going to continue to practice throughout the week and try to keep on going.''

How happy are you for Craft? I saw you celebrating with him after the game …

‘'We're all in this together. The quarterback group is real tight and we all have tremendous respect for each other and so whoever is in there, we're going to be cheering for them. There are no bad feelings towards each other. We're here to win, so I was happy for Kevin to be able to go and finish the game like that.''

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