Knox: "I Opened Some Eyes"

The back-up tailback, Milton Knox, had a productive game working out of the Wildcat formation against Washington Saturday. He talked about it and how Kevin Craft, who has had some experience with disappointment, has helped him out this season...

Milton Knox talked from the locker room after the game.

You've obviously been very patient prior to getting this opportunity …

‘'I was talking to my uncle the other day and he was saying, ‘Everything happens for a reason.' He said when we get the ball, just make plays … don't think too much, don't overreact and try to break everything, just go out there and do you. Today I was able to do that, just relax in front of 73,000 people and it was fun. It was a good time, and it was a real good game so I was happy.''

Can you take a bigger chunk out of the offense now, go beyond the wildcat stuff?

‘'I thought I was going to be able to play a little more plays and run the ball, but my number didn't get called. It's unfortunate that it happened, but I just have to be ready. Whenever they call my number, be ready to play ball. A lot of people were wondering if I was going to (get into a game) and I was wondering, too, but it wasn't my time. Coach (Wayne) Moses wanted to go with (Derrick) Coleman and he did a great job. Coleman did a great job, the o-line did a fantastic job and we were able to throw the ball for 300-something yards, so it was a real big win for us.''

You said other people had been wondering, you had been wondering … how difficult was that?

‘'It was real difficult. A lot of times I was just depressed, didn't want to practice, and something that I love so much – football – and I couldn't do it, it just felt bad. I just felt like … I couldn't express myself. Football is the way I express myself and get feelings out and get aggression out whenever I'm having problems, social problems or stuff going on at home. It's something that eases me, and not being able to play and not being able to ease myself, it was real frustrating. But now it's real good. It was a big win for us. I was able to run a couple of guys over and just play big today.''

I don't know what the questions about you were, but other guys have trouble holding onto the ball, running through tackles … do you think you opened some eyes?

‘'I mean, I think I opened some eyes. I'm not sure if I did. A lot of guys, when I came back to the sideline, they were talking about how on one play I ran somebody over and then I juked somebody … I'm just trying to be a balanced back - be able to catch the ball in open space, be able to run the ball between the tackles and do whatever they ask me to do.''

A little disappointed you didn't get to throw it out of the Wildcat?

‘'A little disappointed, because after a while they could see we were running it a lot and they were coming up and biting on it a lot. I wish I could have, but when that time comes and we throw the ball then … hey, I played a little quarterback in high school, so I can throw it. That won't be no biggie.''

Kevin Craft, by my recollection, got no reps in practice the past two weeks. To do what he was able to do, what does that say about him?

‘'Kevin is a fantastic player. I mean, we sit back and talk a lot. He was talking to me about when the opportunity comes, you have to always be ready. Me and him, we sit down and chat a lot. He was saying, ‘I might not get any reps, but I've got to make sure I know what he's doing, what I'm doing, what all the three quarterbacks are doing. For him to come in and play big like that, that was real big, that was real clutch for him to take our offense and drive us and get scores and manage the game and that's what he did.''

So he was one of the guys who helped you through the first part of the season when you weren't playing?

‘'Oh yeah. He was one of the people I talked to. People are criticizing you and bad mouthing you, and last year he got bad mouthed and criticized all year and you really can't blame it on somebody like him. He was able to fight through the adversity and he's been telling me how I can fight through adversity. It was real big, He's a friend. He helps me out whenever things are going on. He stays on me, call me, texts me, so it's a real good friendship.''

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