Craft On the Washington Game

The senior quarterback talked about the game from the locker room Saturday, discussing his performance, how the victory felt to him, and getting playing time after no reps in practice for two weeks...

Kevin Craft spoke to the media after the game.

You've always talked about being ready when your number is called and preparing like you were going to play … today it happened …

‘'Mentally, I'm in it every week like I'm going to play. I'm talking to Coach Chow. We bounce stuff off each other and all that stuff so, I mean, mentally I know everything that's going on on the field and it's a matter of getting reps and I don't really get a lot of reps in practice so I have to stay after and keep my arm fresh …''

Was it rewarding to get out there, then?

‘'Yeah, I had a blast. It was a lot of fun.''

Is there any special significance to this win versus some of the others you've had?

‘'Every win feels good, but, I mean, it was a close game, so it feels good when you come out on top in a close game.''

Did you feel different out there at all?

‘'I just … I know this is my senior year and my last year. I'm having fun and I know what I'm doing. This is the only time I've been in the same offense twice, so I'm having out there. I just think that's the key to what we were doing out there today. Everybody was having a blast.''

How about the receiving corps, making some plays out there?

‘'Yeah, they made some awesome plays. Even when Kev (Prince) was in there, they were making catches. I mean, Terrence made that diving catch on that touchdown. He made an awesome catch on third down over the middle. Nelson and Taylor were the same.''

That touchdown catch, what did that look like from your vantage point?

‘'From my perspective, I threw it and thought he caught it and was in. I didn't know that's how it was until I looked at the big screen. I saw the replay and see him diving for the ball and it's bouncing up and he's catching it … I'll take it. Sometimes you need the ball to bounce your way sometimes and today it did.''

Your leadership ability was big in the game. How do you feel about that?

‘'I think that the line and everybody has a lot of confidence in me because I played last year and I have a lot of games under my belt, I'm a senior. I'm not always the most vocal in terms of rah-rah, but in the locker room and stuff I tell guys how it is and I think they'll follow me, but I think they'll follow whoever is out there at the same time. They'll try to pick people up. I think this year I've kind of taken on the role of trying to pick guys up and make sure guys aren't too down and serious.''

You also seem a lot more relaxed out there …

‘'Yeah, like I said, I was having fun out there because I know this is my last go-round. Let it hang out on the field and make some plays and if it happens it happens, if not, you know, I'm not going to worry about it.''

With no reps during the week, how difficult is it to do what you did today?

‘'It's tough as far as the timing, some of the timing throws. But I stay after (practice) and I throw with Logan (Paulsen) every day and I try to work on what I know I'm going to do in the game and I think that's helped me. Staying in it mentally is the main thing, but just extra work helps me out. I know I'm not going to get that many reps in practice – you've got to get the guy who is going to start ready.''

This last week, I can't remember any reps …

‘'The last week? Two weeks? I know what the situation is. I know how it goes. That's just part of being on a team and being a team guy. You've got to know that and be ready and do the extra work to keep ready.''

The extra work on the field, primarily?

‘'Yeah, just working on drops and making throws. If I don't, I don't make any throws all week. So I stay after and make some throws. It helps.''

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