Price on Washington, His Improvement

True freshman cornerback Sheldon Price led UCLA in tackles against Washington and have the game-winning break-up. He talked to us from the locker room about the play, the game, and his improvement...

Sheldon Price talked to us after the Washington game.

Talk about the break-up and interception to seal the game…

"I knew they were eventually going to go deep, and I was matched up with the guy early on the touchdown pass, so I knew they had to go deep, so I pressed them up and squeezed them out of bounds, and I turn around and the ball's right there, I put my hands up for it and I touch it, and then Mr. Ball Hawk, Rahim, comes out of nowhere. I was just glad we could make plays and stop the drive. We needed this win bad. We're going to try to go undefeated in November, so we just needed to get something going."

Do you think opposing offenses really have been testing you?

"Yeah, and every week I seem to improve more and more. So I want to keep improving and keep working on my game."

So, when you realize they're picking on you, how do you not let it get to you?

"Well, it can't get any worse is what you think. They're picking on you, so you need to make plays and make them stop picking on you. That's how you do it. I was happy to get the action. That's fine with me."

Where do you go from here?

"Keep working hard, keep getting in the film room, practice hard, work my technique and I'll be fine."

Are you feeling more comfortable with every game?

"When I first got in against Kansas State I was wide-eyed and excited. But now it's just another game and I'm just coming in and playing my hardest."

Is it slowing down for you?

"Yeah, very much so. I'm reading stuff faster, jumping stuff. My tackling has improved, so I'm a better tackler now and I'm just trying to get better in every game."

Are you taking all more in stride? After getting scored on with that touchdown pass, do you bounce back quicker now?

"For a quick second I was like, ‘Dang,' but you got to move on to the next snap."

Do you feel you're doing better against the run? "Yeah. This was probably one of my better games, coming up and filling in the hole. I can always work on that. I can get stronger, but overall just seeing the run play and making the tackle, I've improved."

What does this kind of experience do for you next season? You'd assume you'd be stronger next year, but how will this kind of experience speed up your development?

"It will do wonders. I now know the difference concepts to look for and stuff like that. With Alterraun Verner still here I'm benefitting from playing with him. I'm soaking up all the knowledge he has. I can't wait for next season and all the experience I'll have."

What does this win do for this team, now that you're 4-5 and have a chance at a bowl game?

"This is just one step in the right direction. We still have three more games in November and we're just going to take one game at a time and try to get to the black-tie event. "

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