Moore on More Defensive Pressure

Safety Rahim Moore talked to us at practice last week about the defense bringing more pressure, and how the defensive playbook still hasn't been fully tapped in terms of blitzing and pressure...

Rahim Moore talked to us last week about the defense generally bringing more pressure.

Against Washington you guys were a lot more active defensively … brought pressure, blitzed. Is that something you have been aching to do all year?

‘'Yeah, we did. But we don't want to give our plays out to everybody because we still have a lot more to go. We have a lot of plays out there that people haven't really seen. Slowly but surely, they'll come out. That's one thing about our defense, we've got so much going on and so much that we're doing, making an offense think. A lot of teams think they've seen a lot of what we do, and that's all that we do, but they haven't the half of it.''

Why slowly?

‘'Sometimes, with certain games, you don't have to do so much. You have to keep it simple sometimes. The coaches see on film – OK, we don't need to do this or we don't need to do that, but we can do this and stick to this and we'll win. Right now it's paying off for us by us doing that, it did last game, so hopefully in the future we keep doing what we're doing.''

When you say there's a lot more there, are you 50 percent into it, 75 percent into it?

‘'Fifty, 50, 60 … It will come out, for sure, for sure. It will.''

From a player's standpoint, were you getting a little impatient waiting to see some of that stuff?

‘'Actually, I was. When they would send me on a blitz, I was happy. We did a specific call and I knew it was me – I went in there and that's when I hit (Jake) Locker. I thought it was a sack, but he threw it right when I was hitting him. I was kind of happy. But, you know, I like to do a lot of stuff. I like to play man. I like to do all kinds of stuff. I like to blitz. I like to be everywhere – be in the box, be in the post, I like to do it all, make an offense think, to where they have to look to see where everybody is. It's all fun, man, that's part of defense. That's loving the game.''

So we'll probably see more of that, then …

‘'Yeah, hopefully. It depends on what (defensive coordinator Chuck) Bullough does. We'll make game day adjustments – sometimes we'll go in there with something and we may not run it. It depends on what we do. It depends on how the feel of the game is going, depends on what the offense gives us. If the offense sticks to the same routine they've been doing through their previous games, then we stick to our same thing. But if they come out and give us something different, he quickly adjusts to it. ‘'

That's a constant, the discussion between the field and the box.

'One thing about football, they can see as much as they want up there, but we're actually down there playing. We're in the middle of it and we know, on a certain play, ‘OK, they might get us on this one … or this one right here is going to work.' Coach Bullough does a great job calling some good plays – sometimes they get us, you know what I mean, because other coaching staffs are good and are good play callers. It's like a battle between us down there and them up there. Bullough calls some good plays, especially when he calls some plays that I'm involved in, I really love it, you know what I mean? That's what football is all about, man. All I do is, whatever play they give me, I make sure I communicate with my corners and the rest of the players and we go out there and play ball.''

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