Practice Report, Neuheisel Comments

A few injured return to practice, including one key defensive starter. Rick Neuheisel talked about the quality of practice, a possible expanded role for an offensive player, and the Arizona State quarterback situation...

Ryan Taylor remained out with the foot injury. Darius Savage and Jake Dean were again taking No. 1 reps at the right guard spot...

Morrell Presley (shoulder) also did not practice...

Christian Ramirez again practiced with the scout team, though he did get in with the 2-minute offense...

Freshman offensive lineman Nik Abele, who has been out with a neck injury, was back in practice... Stan Hasiak, who spent some time away from the team dealing with personal issues, spoke after practice. His comments will be coming tomorrow.

Chane Moline could get more play the final couple of weeks, though Coach Rick Neuheisel was hesitant to define how his role is expanding...

As of Tuesday afternoon, no bowl representatives had requested credentials to the Arizona State game...

Rick Neuheisel talked to the media after practice Tuesday.

‘'Very pleased with the practice. It was crisp, the kids were into it all around – offense, defense, scouts, special teams. It was a complete practice and it's exactly what you need if you're going to play your best football at the end of the season. Now, the challenge is to do it tomorrow. Not take it for granted, but to make sure we have the same kind of effort and focus tomorrow and if we can that will be a gr3eat start to the week.''

Jerzy Siewierski looked like he got a lot of time in …

‘'He was going to go as tolerated today, so if he got a lot of time in that means that he was feeling good and that's great news and we'll see how he feels tomorrow after the day.''

Is the injury all healed?

‘'The injury is to the point where now they feel good about him participating, what his effectiveness remains to be seen. I'll be anxious to watch the tape.''

Ryan Taylor?

‘'Ryan Taylor is still very sore. We're not ruling him out, we still think that he's got a chance, but he's still sore.''

Aaron Hester?

‘'Hester went and did some one-on-one today and I think is on the road to recovery. I think hopefully we'll get him back and rolling here soon.''

Chane Moline was getting more time with the 1s … how much of that is a result of Saturday?

‘'Well, he's the short yardage back for us and I really would rather not talk about where we're going to be using him, just from a standpoint of strategy. But he's a very valuable player.''

With Sheldon Price, all of the time he's seen this year, how important do you think that is?

‘'It's huge. These are huge chances to gain confidence, to gain a knowledge of the speed of the game and then what you need to do in terms of the offseason to develop and be the kind of player you can be to be more effective a year from now. Just like Rahim Moore blossomed after a freshman year, so too will Sheldon.''

What is Stan Hasiak's status?

‘'Stan is in good graces, but we're just trying to take things slow with him and have him work hard and get himself going again.''

How do you address the quarterback issues that Arizona State has?

‘'Well, you know, they've played three different guys and their offense hasn't changed. The kid who came in late, is it Sampson, he's from Camarillo, I guess … he offers them a different spark with respect to his legs. He made a lot of plays getting out of trouble so you have to be much more contain conscious when he's in the game.''

When you prepared for Oregon, you had Masoli and Costa going back and forth, do you look at it the same way or preparing for their offense as a whole?

‘'Just preparing for their offense as a whole. Dennis Erickson is regarded as one of the great offensive minds in the history of the game, you know, national championships and doing great jobs really wherever he's been. He knows how to move the ball. I think you just have to get ready and make sure that you're sound against their scheme and structure.''

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