Hasiak Speaks On His Situation

The offensive lineman, Stan Hasiak, went from starting as a true freshman this season, to being suspended from the program for a few days, to returning last week. He talked to us Tuesday about his situation, and how he feels now about his experience...

Stan Hasiak, the true freshman offensive lineman, was suspended for a few days earlier in the month for personal issues, mostly getting in numerous near-fights with teammates at practice.

He answered questions Tuesday after practice.

I guess the questions are just how have you been doing, and what's been going on?

‘'Well, what's been going on with me lately, I've just been sort of taking things in stride, sort of calming down a little bit and enjoying what's going on. I'm getting more involved with school, spending more time studying, making sure I get to all of my classes and tutoring sessions on time. Really, I've just been focusing on more important things.''

It can be kind of hard, being in a different environment for the first time and everything …

‘'Yeah … yeah, it's been a little hard, but it's cool. I've learned how to put things, any negative things, behind me and just look forward to a positive future … relentlessly positive …''

Do you think a lot about the root of the issues, what they've been?

‘'Really, at this point, I don't think that's an issue at all. It's not something to worry about or to care about. Everything, it's all about the team. Everybody just … I'm trying to think positive, like I said, relentlessly positive, as Coach Neuheisel says. You know, he always stresses that and I'm trying to follow that. I want to be an example of that, just staying positive all the time, always positive, pick up the team.''

Do you feel like you're getting the support you need, from your teammates, from the coaching staff?

‘'Yeah, after my trip back home, it gave me a peace of mind … I was able to clear my mind and getting everything straightened out, everything back on track and everything is going pretty smooth right now.''

How important was that trip back home?

‘'It was very important. As soon as I got off the plane, I got a real good peace of mind. I felt good when I got back home, I felt happy, and I let that transition to me coming back, keeping that positive attitude and being happy about everything, just keeping that going and letting that, my attitude, help the team.''

Was that an open-ending thing? Were you going to be there as long as you wanted to be?

‘'No, the plan for me was I was only going to go there for the weekend. I left Friday afternoon and came back early Monday morning, because I had class and I wasn't going to miss class.''

Now, you feel you're back on track and everything?

‘'Yeah, I'm making sure I keep everything straight – my classes, tutoring sessions … I'm making sure I keep that straight so I don't have to worry about anything else and I can just focus on, you know, anything else I'd like to enjoy.''

I think the thing that concerns some people out there is, if you were that unhappy, if there were that many issues, would you want to stay here …

‘'Yeah … well, the things that were said between me and Coach Neuheisel, all that's going to stay where it is. Like I said, I've put that behind me. Nothing is going to change … the things changing are for the better and I'm not going to look to the past and stay one track minded on that positive note. I'm staying. I'm not going to go anywhere. Right now, how I'm making things for myself, keeping everything in my best interests, I'm happy right now.''

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