Moline, Maiava On Arizona State

The senior running back Chane Moline talked about potentially getting more opportunities this week, and center Kai Maiava discussed the offensive line facing Arizona State's formidable defensive front seven...

Starting sophomore center Kai Maiava talked to us after practice Tuesday.

You guys have had a lot of success the past two weeks, but I'm wondering if it's just that you were physically superior to Washington and Washington State. Are there things you point at that tell you that the improvement with the line, with the offense, is real?

‘'I think our boys have been coming every day at practice and working hard and that game against Oregon (State) really put that confidence that our offense had kind of lost over that streak that we went on, with the losses and everything, and that little boost at Oregon State just gave us that confidence back. I felt like the following two games after that, our offense has been on a roll. I don't take anything from Washington or Washington State, they're good teams, our offense is just clicking and that's the way it has to be this Saturday.''

You feel you have the line executing better?

‘'Our o-line is ready … we had some injuries again and we had to fill in, but it's always next man up and the guys who are replacing are doing a good job, the chemistry is good.''

How did Darius Savage do? There were a couple of times you had to turn to him and help him out at the line …

‘'Darius did a good job from what I saw. He just had to get back into the whole rotation again. Once you're out for that long, you can't just be right back into the speed of the game. But for the most part he did a good job. He took a little while to adjust but after that he did good in the game.''

Arizona State's front four, front seven, is very physical. What's your impression of them right now?

‘'From film they look like a pretty tough bunch. They have good chemistry out there, like to play together and stuff. We just have to go out there and take it as a challenge. They're No. 6 in the nation for run defense, so that's a challenge for us as an o-line, to see if we can move the rock on them. We have to do a good job protecting (Kevin Prince) as well so he can get the ball away to our playmakers … just go out there and play.''

What's the one thing that you need to get that done?

‘'I think it's a bit of everything. A lot has to do with mindset. It's also an attitude. I have to be a great leader out there. I have to make sure everybody is on the same page and I have to make all my calls, make sure everybody is doing everything correctly. We have to be sound, we can't have any offsides, any holding, no stuff like that that sets us back, getting us out of our sequence. It's all on us. We know who we're playing and we know what they're capable of. We just have to go out there and execute.''

Chane Moline talked to us about the offense potentially featuring him more.

Looks like you're getting to do a little more now?

''I've always been a pretty big part of the offense, blocking and two-minute back. But last week I had an opportunity to get a few carries and hopefully this week I'll get a few more carries. I just have to prepare myself from week to week to help out the team on the field. That's what I'm trying to do this week, just trying to get better, blocking, pass blocking and running the ball.''

Running the ball outside of short-yardage situations, though, that's probably something you've been dying to do for a while now ...

''I mean, obviously I'd always like the ball in my hands, just getting an opportunity to run the ball. We'll see. I hope I can get an opportunity to do that and if I do, I'm going to prepare myself this week just to get ready for it.''

Do you prepare differently, different mind set maybe?

''I guess you have to have a little different mind set. I have to stay sharp on my fullback blocking skills and pass blocking, but obviously this week I have to prepare more for an all-round back. I have to look at the reads for a tailback and still look at my reads for a fullback ... just watch more film. ASU has got a great defensive front, great linebackers, so we have our work cut out for us. But we had a good practice today. We have to come back tomorrow and have another good practice.''

In terms of the protection, they have a real good front four but they don't really blitz a lot ...

''Yeah, they've got a real good front four and I don't think they don't blitz their safeties that much - I have to go watch more film - but I know they blitz their linebackers and they've got some real good solid linebackers. No. 7, the freshman, is real good. Just all around, they've got a solid group. They work real well together. We've got our work cut out for us. We've got to get in there and watch more film and just get prepared for them.''

In watching film, you're looking at where ...

''Where they're coming from, their tendencies ... I just like to read their body language. I don't think they give it away too much - like I said, I have to watch more film, it's only Tuesday. But I remember from last year they don't give it away too much. They like to play a simple defense because they are really good, they have a real good front seven and that's how they like to play.''

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