Zeigler Waits, Has Two Favorites

Trey Zeigler, the 6-4 shooting guard from Mt. Pleasant (Mich.) High, watched a lot of friends ink NLIs last week. Though he admits to being tempted, he didn't decide. He said two schools stand out for him while a new program dialed his digits last week...

Trey Zeigler knows all about the signing period. His father Ernie makes a living getting players to ink on the dotted line. As a former high-level assistant and current Central Michigan head coach, Ernie knows the business.

Typically, in "the business," recruits ink during the early period. The last few years produced slower returns among the top-level prospects as some elected to hold out until the spring. This year, Mount Pleasant (Mich.) High standout Trey Zeigler is holding out.

"No, it's not a holdout," Zeigler said with a chuckle. "I wasn't ready to make a decision, honestly. We're seeing what happens with my dad's team and how things go."

Zeigler, a veteran of the NBA Top 100 Camp, has a school list that reads UCLA, Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and the Chippewas.

Zeigler admitted if his dad were at a high level school this would be over. "I always had aspirations of playing at the highest level and if my dad was at the highest level it would be a no-brainer," he said.

Even though his father has the most access, Trey will occasionally feel like a son and a recruit.

"There's been times when he gets into serious mode and tries to break it down. Every once in a while he'll send a letter from 'Coach Zeigler' and it'll be a written out letter. It's funny."

"He wrote, ‘You can be a big time guy in the MAC. Don't be afraid, you'll be a big fish in a small pond from Day One.' He walked it to the mailbox himself. I think he just brought it home and put it in the stack."

While Central Michigan saves on stamps, other schools have flown him in for visits. He's already been to Oklahoma, UCLA and Michigan. "I liked all of the visits. I got to know the guys a lot. I liked UCLA and Michigan a lot. Oklahoma was a lot of fun but I think I liked UCLA and Michigan the most."

Recently, an ACC school has reached out. "One school just got into the mix, actually, in the last week. Duke, they've been calling. It was a little surprising because it's so late. They tried to get Harrison and when he went to North Carolina they called. It's late but it's Duke and you can't really say no that quick. I haven't talked to Coach K but I've been talking to Nate James."

Zeigler admitted a touch of jealously entered his mind when he logged onto the Internet and saw a lot of friends making decisions. He said: "Yeah, I was tempted. Some of my friends signed and just the whole period, I saw everyone sign and they looked relieved. It was hard when schools were calling and sending the letters of intent. They sent them hoping I would sign. I have them all sitting right here but I haven't signed any of them."

Zeigler is ranked the No. 34 player in the nation and the second highest rated shooting guard still available behind Doron Lamb.

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