Moline: "Whatever the Offense Needs"

Senior running back Chane Moline had a big performance in his last game in the Rose Bowl Saturday night in UCLA's victory over ASU. He talked about how it felt, what he brings to the offense, and more...

Chane Moline answered questions after the Arizona State game.

You knew you were going to play a bigger role today …

‘'I mean, obviously, I'm the starting fullback. I knew I was going to play, but this last week I was preparing to play more at tailback, getting the reads down and everything, so I knew I was going to play a little fullback and a little tailback. I didn't know to what extent, but it was really nice to get in there and just help this team win in our last Rose Bowl game. Obviously I have to give it up to our offensive line, they did a great job. Kevin Prince played outstanding and our wide receivers made huge plays.''

Do you feel like you have some momentum going into the USC game?

‘'I mean, looking back, we had a tough October, and now in November, we're undefeated in November and that's what we've been preaching, so we have a little momentum. We have to put ASU behind us after Sunday's film and have a great week of practice.''

What was the deal with (Vontaze) Burfict?

No. 7? What do you mean?

You had a couple of exchanges with him during the game?

‘'He's a young guy. He came up to me and was just jawing his mouth. I don't take part in that. He thought … I don't know what he thought. I just don't take part in that. He's a good player. He's outstanding for a freshman, but I was just doing my thing helping out my team.''

You knew you were going to be more involved, but it's been a long time coming. How does that feel now … your last game at the Rose Bowl …

‘'It feels great. When I'm preparing to play I visualize fullback plays, but even all through the season when I wasn't at all part of the tailback situation, I would still visualize, if I get in, what I would do? This and that. I helped out the young tailbacks. I have the experience so I tried to be a mentor to them. And so, all week I was visualizing what I could do. I made a ton of mistakes but overall I think I had a pretty good game. But, I mean, the o-line helped me out tremendously. Everyone on the ‘O', the ‘D,' had a great game and I was just excited to get out there, my last game in the Rose Bowl, and just have the opportunity to get the ball in my hands and make some plays.''

How does your presence at tailback change the offense? The running game could be a lot more solid – you're not going to drop the ball, you can catch it, you're going to fall forward …

‘'The coaches, I think they expect from me, I mean, I'm not an unbelievable athlete. If I break into the open field, I'm going to get the yards that are given to me, try to break a tackle, run someone over if I can. But I'm not going to break a 90-yard touchdown run like our young guys can – Jetski, Milton Knox, (Damien Thigpen), all those guys got the speed. I don't have that speed so I have to use my advantages, which is vision, I'm a big back so I always have to fall forward and get those extra two, three yards, YAC yards, and hold onto the ball. That's my mentality.''

With the youth on the offensive side, that could be a valuable asset … that stability …

"I'm looking forward to this week in practice to see what happens.''

You're not anticipating a change now, are you?

‘'You never know. Obviously I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do to help this team win. If they need me at fullback, if they need me at both, if they need me at tailback, whatever the coaches, whatever this offense needs I'm ready. I'm ready to do whatever.''

Looking ahead to USC, your last shot at them. What are your thoughts on next week?

‘'I haven't thought about ‘SC yet. I've seen them play – they're a great team. We have to watch our film, fix our mistakes and then have a great week of practice starting Tuesday.''

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