Chow on ASU, Facing USC

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow talked after the ASU game Saturday, how the offense efficiently got done what he wanted, and looked ahead to facing USC and the challenges they present...

Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow added some thoughts after the Arizona State game Saturday.

You pretty much did what you had to do offensively …

‘'It was efficient. We knew what was happening when we went into this thing. They're awfully good defensively and last year, we gave it away really. We didn't want to do that, so it worked out OK. We did what we had to do. At this point in the season that's all you do.''

Are you happy with the way Kevin Prince managed it?

‘'Yeah, he did a good job.''

Was there more to be done downfield?

‘'I don't think so. What happened is we got out of our little extra back game, you know that little Wildcat game we had, because the kids said they couldn't hear and that hurt us a little bit. But the idea was to just stay in it, change field position a little bit, don't turn it over. Last year we gave it to them. You know, they got 120 yards rushing and we gave it to them. We were determined not to do that.''

Is there an adjustment to be made with the Wildcat, in terms of hearing the back? The false starts have been an issue in every game you've run that …

‘'Yeah, because the running back is calling the cadence instead of the quarterback. The rhythm gets screwed up, and they said they couldn't hear. So, we'll work on some stuff and we'll see how it goes.''

How does Chane Moline at tailback change the offense?

‘'We were just looking for that steady, consistent, change-the-field-position kind of game and he was able to do that. He's mature, he's consistent, he's a tough guy. It worked out good.''

Do you feel better equipped to play USC this year than you did last year?

‘'Well, obviously, we haven't spent any time looking at them. I'm sure they're still pretty good. So, you know, I think we're better than we were last year. Is that good enough? We'll just have to wait and see.''

Do you sense emotionally, are you peaking sat the right time?

‘'Well, this is an awfully young offensive football team and we need to go in there with some confidence and winning the last couple surely is going to give us the confidence we need to have.''

Is this a hard week for you, because of all the (USC) stuff?

‘'No. No, no, no … it's hard because we have to prepare to beat a pretty good football team.''

What went into the decision to use Moline?

‘'Just the consistency, the steadiness, the maturity. You know, the other guys have been coughing it up and we just felt that he would give us the best chance to win, and he did. I thought he played pretty well.''

Do you use that performance to take to the younger guys and say, this is how it's supposed to be done?

‘'No, not really. I don't think that's fair to the other kids. It's not like they haven't been playing well or haven't been trying to do well. I don't think so.''

Any disappointment in not getting touchdowns in the red zone?

‘'Hey, at this point in time, all we're trying to do is win the game. We didn't turn it over. We knew what we were getting into. We knew what was happening. Our defense was playing lights-out and it turned out well. Our job was to change field position. Our job was to not turn it over. Obviously we're disappointed that we didn't score touchdowns. That's what you're trying to do. But we'll take a win any time. At this point in time, those things mean absolutely nothing.''

Is this the best possible scenario going into the ‘SC game?

‘'Well, nah ... the only better scenario would be to be 10-0 or whatever. But, you know, it still grates on you that a couple of those games got away from us that we should have had, but you know, I think given the circumstances, everyone is anxious, everyone is looking forward to it. We certainly understand the talent of the opponent we're about to play, I guarantee you that.''

How much of an advantage is it to have two weeks to prepare for an opponent?

‘'I think every situation is different. Sometimes it helps you. If you're playing pretty good you don't want it to happen. If you're hurting a little bit you do want that to happen. I don't know what his situation is, like I said, we have not spent any time (on it). But I think it's whatever the situation is when they go into a bye. I do know, whatever level, it's not good to go into a bye with a loss. It makes for an awful long two weeks.''

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