Chow, Paulsen After the Game

The senior tight end Logan Paulsen talks from the locker room Saturday about the critical personal foul in the USC game, and Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow provides a short review of the offensive issues...

Senior tight end Logan Paulsen talked from the locker room Saturday.

Was that personal foul a bad call or a bad play?

‘'I don't know, maybe a little of both. I probably have a little bit of as reputation for it. You know, I was kind of getting up off the pile and somebody ran into me and he fell down, so ... There wasn't any malicious intent on my part, but the ref saw what he saw and so he's going to call that.''

You were just trying to get up?

‘'Yeah. It wasn't like I was trying to knock him down or anything. Stuff like that happens. It's part of the game and refs are people, too … they make mistakes and I understand why they called it. You know, a guy falls down late, after the whistle …''

Do you think you were looking out for 86 … like you said, it's not the first time …

‘'Yeah, I think a little bit. I've got a little bit of a reputation, which is either warranted or not, but stuff like that happens and I understand completely even if I didn't have a reputation. The guy, I was standing up, the guy falls down, it looks bad, especially if you see it late.''

How much did you help him, though?

‘'Hopefully I didn't help him that much ... enough to knock him over.''

Offensively, you guys were looking to hit some big plays in this game … The way they kept Mays back there, makes it tough to get a lot done …

‘'Yeah, I don't know if it was so much the coverage, but it was more the pressure and the stuff up front that kind of prevented us from doing what we wanted to do, and they did some new things, brought some new wrinkles into their defense. That's tough, but we've got to be able to handle that and adjust to that and make plays. They a good team, but we're also a good team and can handle that stuff.''

Norm Chow's comments:

There was some talk during the week about the need to make some explosive plays. They obviously were doing some stuff to keep you guys in front of them …

‘'We tried … we tried. Taylor Mays plays so deep that it's hard to get stuff deep on them. We tried a couple of times, but they got us on a couple of blitzes. We tried.''

Kevin Prince just couldn't go?

‘'Yeah, he got hurt. He was hurt and tried to go again and it didn't work, so we had to yank him and go with the other guy.''

Mays is no secret, but …

‘'No, they don't change their style, they play the way they play.''

Just couldn't find enough there?

'Well, we tried. Like I said, we tried. We were trying to win a football game.''

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