Howland, Player Comments After MSU

Coach Ben Howland had a few quick comments after the loss to Mississippi State Saturday, and Mike Roll and Malcolm Lee also commented about losing to the Bulldogs...

Ben Howland's opening statement:

"Obviously we played very poorly today, especially in the first half. We shot 26% from the floor in the first half, and they got off to a good start shooting threes. I think they made three or four threes where we forgot our assignments. In a nutshell, they are very good and they had a lot to do with us playing so poorly, but we contributed some ourselves. We have to get better in a hurry here, with the Pac Ten coming up in a few weeks.

"I am looking at the stats and for Nikola Dragovic to go 0-9 and get one rebound in 29 minutes has me at a loss. He is a better player than that, he's a four-year player. I am hoping that he can come around now. I thought Tyler Honeycutt came in and did some positive things for us. He has only had a few weeks of practice. He missed some defensive assignments because it's not a habit yet because he hasn't been able to be out there that much. I think he give us an athlete there at the wing. I thought these two young men (Mike Roll and Malcom Lee) battled and competed, even when we were down, they never gave up.

"Again my hats off to Mississippi State. They are a very good team and are going to be a high seed in the NCAA tournament. The big kid inside was really a problem for us because he kept blocking our shots. It's just not something you see all the time. He will end up being the all-time shot blocker in the history of college basketball in terms of numbers. They are an outstanding team."

How will you get your offense going forward?

"We have to continue to try to get something inside. Reeves Nelson ad a tough time in there against their big. He has to do a better job of shooting his four shots. I told him after the game that I had never seen a foul shot missed that bad. I didn't know what it was.

"We have to be more patient . When we get down, we have a tendency to take a quick shot, to get it back and it just fuels the other teams ability to push it on us.

"After the game I felt really bad because John Wooden is here watching his team play and it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth that he watched our team play the way we did today."

Mike Roll's on MSU's thre-point shooting:

"It kind of takes the air out of the balloon. We knew coming in that they were a very good three-point shooting team. They had no conscience, pulling every where. When they make them, it hurts, but you just have to get back and keep plugging away."

Malcolm Lee on how frustrating it is to be going through this season:

"It can be very frustrating because if you are a great competitor, or have a competitive nature, no one likes to lose. It's frustrating, but maybe we can build from this. You have to take the bad with good and keep competing game by game and maybe things will get better for us."

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