Prince on His Injury, Returning

UCLA's starting redshirt freshman quarterback, Kevin Prince, didn't do anything besides hand off the ball in practice Sunday. He talked to us about the status of his shoulder injury...

Kevin Prince talked to us after practice Sunday.

How are you feeling?

"I'm all right …''

Do they have more of an idea when you're going to be able to do more than just handoff?

‘'Uh, basically, they don't really know. They said AC sprains vary in terms of their timetable so it's kind of when the pain subsides and they don't know when it's going to necessarily decrease. Definitely, from the ‘SC game, it's getting better, but there's still some nagging pain there and so throwing and stuff like that is not very comfortable at this point.''

Have you had any more X-rays, tests, since then?

‘'I have not.''

Are there any planned?

‘'I don't think so, not at this point. I think they're pretty confident that it will heal up soon enough and you know, if it doesn't I'd imagine we'd have to go do more X-rays. But at this point, it's just get more treatment and rehabbing and get it back to normal.''

That happened on that one play, or did you do something earlier?

‘'Earlier in the first half I landed on it weird, but it didn't hurt too bad. And then on that drive before I threw that second interception, on that third down I got tackled and landed on it and that's when it really hurt.'' So have you thrown at all? ‘'Yeah, a little bit. Again, it's not the most comfortable thing for me to do right now. So, we're just trying to stay away from things that cause pain and stuff like that, trying to keep the inflammation down and make sure it gets back and ready to go.''

What kind of treatment are you getting?

‘'Well, I mean, obviously there's rest throughout the day. They don't want me doing anything stupid with it. In terms of lifting, I'm doing a bunch of just single-arm stuff, just with my left arm. They use all of the machines they got – ultrasound and laser and this other thing I don't even know what it is, and a bunch of exercises and stuff. They give it the full treatment.''

They've assured you that this is probably going to be OK by the bowl game, or do they know yet?

‘'No. One of my doctors told me that I might be ready and I might not. It's kind of, like I said, they don't really have a set timetable. You know, ACLs are usually seven to nine months recovery and for AC sprains it varies a lot more, depending on the person.''

There was a slight separation, too, wasn't there?

‘'They told me grade 2 AC sprain, I don't know what they told you.''

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