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A wide receiver scored the highest when the team went bowling before going to the Jay Leno Show Wednesday. Quarterback Kevin Prince took more reps Thursday, and he and Neuheisel talked about the likelihood of him playing in the EagleBank Bowl...

The Bruins were in full pads again, and installation for the bowl game will start on Friday...

Quarterback Kevin Prince got a few more reps, and made some solid throws. There still is some soreness in his right shoulder, however.

"There are certain throws that were hurting it," he said. "I feel like it's better, for sure, than it was three days ago, but not necessarily better than it was yesterday. It's slowly progressing, but hopefully by the end of this week and into the next it will be even better."

Guess-timate at this point, Prince said that he would play...

Kevin Craft got the No. 2 reps and more work than Richard Brehaut, who was with the 3s...

Freshman Jayson Allmond was stuck wearing No. 48 instead of his usual number. The 48 represented the number of pins he managed to knock over when the Bruins went bowling as a team before going to see the Jay Leno Show Tuesday. The high score was turned in by Taylor Embree - a 184...

To check out the Bruins on Leno, Click Here.

Coach Rick Neuheisel said it was "doubtful that they would add a Sunday practice... Offensive lineman Ryan Taylor (foot) did not practice and is out for the bowl game...

Rick Neuheisel's post-practice comments:

‘'Good practice … you could tell that we're kind of getting ready to do the other stuff, which is get ready for Temple. But it got spirited at the end, which is what you always want and it gave us, again, another day of really looking at a lot of young players ... very, very valuable for us to have the day that we had today. Tomorrow we'll begin the Temple preparation. We've already done it as coaches, but we'll start to install it and move toward getting our plan in before we leave and then just do a lot of polishing once we get there. But, excited about where things are. We had a great day yesterday going to Lucky Strike and taking the kids bowling and then to the Jay Leno Show, which was fun, so we're having a good time. It's exciting to be in this situation.''

Who is the best bowler on the team?

‘'Taylor Embree rolled a 184. Do you want the low end? Jayson Allmond, 48, which is why he wore No. 48 today, if you were doing your calculations.''

When you talk about installing Temple, does it change when you have so many days instead of just three?

‘'Well, that's why you don't do it early. You don't want it to get stale. You want it to be where you're thinking, you're into it, then you get it up to full speed, then you perform it. It's like preparing for a play – you can get tired of rehearsals. You want to get with the live audience. I think we're in perfect shape right now, we just have to have the right energy when we come out these next few days.''

Are you still thinking about coming back out on Sunday?
‘'Doubtful. As long as we get what we want these next two days I think we'll be fine.''

How have they responded the last two days after going over the wall?

‘'Oh, they've been great. These kids are great. The older guys frankly a little bored. The younger guys are excited – they're getting all these reps. The older guys are ready to … let's get this thing on, let's start practicing for Temple. That's natural. We'll get it going now as we start tomorrow.''

How is Kevin Prince looking?

‘'He had another good day. You know, it got sore on him when he made a throw across his body, but that's to be expected. He's just breaking down some scar tissue now and we'll see how it goes. I'm optimistic after the last two days.''

Given that when you asked him during the ‘SC game and he said he could play and he went out there …

‘'Yeah, I'm not going to do that again …''

So what will you judge?

‘'I'll watch him in practice. Yeah, I'm not going to make that Herculean decision on game day any more. It was one of those days when I knew it, but I maybe saw too many TV shows.''

So what will be the key thing you need to see?

‘'Well, we'll watch and see the velocity and more, the confidence to cut it loose. Not so much that he cut it loose because he had to, he saw something, he took it and the ball flies like you want it to and he doesn't grimace after the fact. I mean, that's what you're looking for.''

What will be the cutoff point?

‘'Oh, I think we'll know before we leave where we are.''

Running backs or wide receivers coming back from ACLs, is it kind of the same confidence issue?

‘'I don't think … you know, his was not a surgery. It's just it's real sore and now as it comes back, and the more you start to feel it, it's discomfort rather than pain, then your confidence starts to go and then all of a sudden you're a little more willing and then you can always factor in game day adrenalin and you know. As you watch the confidence of the willingness to let it go. It's hard to cut it loose when you know what's on the other side of that throw, in terms of what's going to happen, just like it's hard to run when you know your right foot is going to kill you when you put it in the ground.''

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