Kevin Prince on His Status

Starting quarterback Kevin Prince talked Thursday about how his shoulder is feeling after getting more reps, what are his limitations and whether he feels he'll be able to play in the bowl game on December 29th...

Kevin Prince answered questions about his status Thursday.

So how did it go today? Got a few more reps, more throws …

‘'It's getting better. You know, it felt pretty much the same as it did yesterday. I was able to do some throwing, but there are still certain throws that was hurting it, so, you know, I feel like it's better for sure than it was three days ago but not necessarily better than it was yesterday. It's slowly progressing, but hopefully by the end of this week and into next it will be even better.''

Is the day after much of a problem?

‘'A little. This morning I woke up and was kind of sore, but you go into the training room they work you right out and loosen everything up so it's all good to go.''

So if you had to guess right now, do you play?

‘'I think so, yeah. I'm confidence I'll be able to play. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to. The athletic trainers are doing a good job with me and I'm going to keep going in there every day. I feel like we're making big enough steps right now that I'll be comfortable enough to play.''

So, was there anything you did today where you didn't even really think about the shoulder?

‘'Yeah, there were a few throws where I did it and kind of walked back to the huddle and realized, ‘Hey, that didn't hurt.' That kind of felt good. It's nice to have that feeling again where you can do some things without hurting. But at the same time there are some throws where I came back to the huddle and thought,' Wow, that really killed it.' There were a few throws that were good, a few throws that didn't feel so good. There's a lot of work still to do, but I'm confident it'll be able to get done.''

What were the ones that didn't feel so good? We're they just longer throws?

'Longer throws … I threw one deep ball to Jerry Johnson and that didn't feel very good. And then one, I was rolling out to the right and threw across my body, and that hurt it pretty good. There's still some throws that are not in the arsenal just yet, but I'm working on it.''

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