Franklin On Holding Onto the Ball

Running back Johnathan Franklin has looked good in bowl practices, but there's still that issue of fumbling, which got him relegated down the tailback depth chart. He talked to us about it, what he's doing to correct it, and what the bowl game means to him...

Johnathan Franklin talked to us at practice last week.

How are things developing for you right now?

‘'I'm good, out here working, doing what I love out on the football field. Can't ask for anything better than that.''

Are we going to see a little zip in the backfield in the bowl? The last two games were kind of … you guys had a slow-paced running attack …

‘'I'm just out here working, trying to get back in this rotation and holding this ball, working on that. I'm definitely trying to get back up there, trying to be No. 1.''

How important is it, moving forward in your career here, to get 10, 12, 15 carries in this game without dropping the ball?

‘'It's really important. What I have to do is earn the coaches trust back, and my teammates trust back, which is more important than anything. That's very vital. Right now in practice, that's one of the main things I really need to do.''

Did you go back and look at those plays and try to figure out what happened?

‘'Oh, yeah, definitely. If you don't study the past, all you're going to go is repeat it. That's all I've been doing really, understanding what's my problem been and why I've been doing it and what points in the game I'm doing it, so … definitely.''

What did you glean from that?

‘'Just covering it up with two hands. When I run through the holes or whereever on the field, I'm always carrying it with one hand and having it loose and not close to my body. That's something I definitely need to work on.''

The ‘SC game, it looked like you had it covered up pretty good … Is that just a strength thing?

‘'It just wasn't high and tight. It was a little loose and a guy, I think it was Will Harris, just came over and punched it out. I had it too loose.''

How do you correct that?

‘'Just always having it high and tight and breaking bad habits. I'm used to carrying the ball the way I have been doing it and I need to change and break a bad habit and progress.''

Just like you said, in earning the trust back, I'm guessing you don't want this season to end with that being your last play or plays …

‘'I'm definitely looking forward to playing against Temple and definitely looking forward to having a big game against Temple and definitely looking forward to practice, to show these coaches that I can do it, that I can still be that guy and I still want to be that guy. I'm looking forward to that.''

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