BRO's All-Decade Football Team

With the end of the decade here, BRO presents the 2000-2009 All-Decade Football Team, with Maurice Jones-Drew and Marcedes Lewis two of the headliners of the top Bruins from the past 10 years...

From 2000-2009, UCLA had one of it's most trying decades of football.  In fact, it was the first time since the 1920s that UCLA didn't win a conference title, the first time since the 1920s they didn't end a year in the Top 10, and the first time since the 1930s they went an entire decade without a Rose Bowl berth. 

Coming up with an All-Decade Team took a lot of work, especially on the offensive line.  Only one player finished in the Top 10 for the Heisman Trophy, Olson in 2005 (though they did have a Mackey Award Winner (Lewis), a Groza Award Winner (Forbath) and the CBS National Defensive Player of the Year (Ball).

That said, we've compiled the Official All-Decade Team.  Argue as you please.

First Team Offense:
Drew Olson (2002-2005)
RB- DeShaun Foster (1998-2001)
RB- Maurice Jones-Drew (2003-2005)
WR- Craig Bragg (2001-2004)
WR- Freddie Mitchell (1998-2000)
TE- Marcedes Lewis (2002-2005)
OL- Mike Saffer (1999-2002)
OL- Steven Vieira (2001-2004)
OL- Shannon Tevaga (2004-2007)
OL- Ed Blanton (2002-2005)
OL- Mike McCloskey (2000-2004)

First Team Defense:
Justin Hickman (2004-2006)
DL- Dave Ball (2000-2003)
DL- Brian Price (2007-2009)
DL- Bruce Davis (2004-2007)
LB- Robert Thomas (1998-2001)
LB- Brandon Chillar (2000-2003)
LB- Spencer Havner (2002-2005)
DB- Ricky Manning (1999-2002)
DB- Alterraun Verner (2006-2009)
DB- Chris Horton (2004-2007)
DB- Jarrad Page (2002-2005)

First Team Special Teams:
Kai Forbath (2007-present)
P- Chris Kluwe (2001-2004)
PR-Maurice Jones-Drew (2003-2005)
KR- Matt Slater (2004-2007)
LS- Christian Yount (2007-present)

Honorable Mention:
Cory Paus (1999-2002)
RB- Chris Markey (2004-2007)
RB- Manuel White (2001-2004)
WR- Brandon Breazell (2004-2007)
TE- Mike Seidman (1999-2002)
DL- Rodney Leisle (2000-2003)
DL- Ryan Boschetti (2002-2003)
DL- Kenyon Coleman (1997-2001)
LB- Marcus Reese (1999-2002)
LB- Reggie Carter (2006-2009)
LB- Christian Taylor (2005-2007)
LB- Ryan Nece (1998-2001)
DB- Trey Brown (2004-2007)
DB- Matt Ware (2001-2003)
DB- Rahim Moore (2008-present)
DB- Marques Anderson (1997-2001)
K-Justin Medlock (2003-2006)
P- Nate Fikse (1999-2002)
PR- Ricky Manning (1999-2002)
KR-Terrance Austin (2006-2009)

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