Nottingham: "Was Worried About Chow"

The quarterback who's committed to UCLA, Brett Nottnigham of Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista, told us how he felt this week during the Norm Chow saga, and that he'll be taking another official visit this weekend...

Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista quarterback Brett Nottingham heard all of the rumors about Norm Chow's impending departure from UCLA.

The Bruins' committed quarterback said he was a little concerned, but when Chow announced he was staying on Thursday, it calmed any fears Nottingham had.

"I was worried that Coach Chow was leaving because I was really looking forward to learning from him. So I was pretty excited when I heard that he was staying," said Nottingham.

Nottingham committed to UCLA in June, and visited UCLA officially last weekend. This weekend, he'll visit Stanford officially, but he said it's not because he's rethinking his commitment to the Bruins.

"You get so many visits, why not use another one," said Nottingham. "I'm just going to kind of check out the school for the academics. I'm still getting recruited by some of those coaches. I don't plan to be there the whole time. I have my own academics and school work to do this weekend. My parents and I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea, so we'll go and say hi to a couple people. I know Zach Ertz is scheduled to be my host."

Nottingham said his visit to UCLA was a memorable one.

"It was more special than any unofficial visits I took," said Nottingham, no stranger to the UCLA campus. "My parents had a great time and I had a great time checking out different aspects of the campus I hadn't seen on previous visits. The atmosphere was completely different. It was definitely different and more personal."

Nottingham was hosted by lineman Jeff Baca.

"You've got to give the lineman respect and let the offensive linemen do what they want so they protect you," said Nottingham. I hung out with Kody Innes, Chris Ward and Wade Yandall and we got to hang out a lot, we had some great meals and we got along really well."

Nottingham also saw on-field foe Erick Dargan of Pittsburg, who he played against this past season, though minimally.

"When we played Pittsburg, Erick wasn't close to full strength," said Nottingham. "But he's a really talented football player. We ended up beating Pittsburg, but the outcome might have been a little different if he had played. But we had a lot of fun hanging out and I was telling him he needs to come to UCLA and play there."

Nottingham also got to talk with fellow quarterbacks Nick Crissman and Richard Brehaut.

"I talked to Richard a little bit and with Nick, and we all get along," said Nottingham. "I talked to a bunch of the different coaches, like Coach (Tim) Hundley, Coach (Angus) McClure, Coach (Wayne) Moses and Coach (Todd) Howard. I also talked quite a bit with Coach Chow. He encourages the competitive system. He wants me to get in the film room, get as comfortable as possible. I'm not opposed to playing early, but I also want to be smart. The idea of using the redshirt isn't a bad one."

Nottingham said he followed all the news about Chow's potential departure.

"I was set to go to UCLA regardless, but that's not to say I didn't value Coach Chow, he's a heck of an offensive coordinator," said Nottingham. "I was a little bit scared and I wasn't happy obviously that he might leave, but I was confident that Coach Neuheisel would do what he could to keep him. For me, it's more ideal if he could spend time at UCLA. I wasn't worried about him leaving, I just want to learn as much as I can from him while he's there."

Nottingham said he would be graduating with his class in June, instead of doing early enrollment.

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