Epenesa on Whirlwind Official Tour

Sealii Epenesa, the 6-2, 300-pound defensive tackle from Hawaii, took his first official visit -- to UCLA -- this last weekend. On his way to another official visit, we caught up with him about his impressions of Westwood...

Honolulu (Hawaii) Iolani defensive tackle Sealii Epenesa got a busy week started with his first official visit.

In a nine-day span, Epenesa is visiting three schools, as he gets closer to making his announcement.

Epenesa got it going with a visit to UCLA, his first official visit to date.

"My trip to UCLA was awesome, I loved it there," said Epenesa. "Everything about it was really cool."

Epenesa was hosted by fellow Hawaiian, Eddie Williams, and the two hit it off.

"Eddie was my host and he's a real good guy. He introduced me to all the other players and they're like a family," said Epenesa.

It was the first time on the UCLA campus for Epenesa, who was wowed by what he saw.

"That was my first time seeing the school and I loved it," said Epenesa. "It was beautiful. All the buildings and the facilities were really nice. I could see myself living there for a few years."

Epenesa was part of a big contingent of official visitors, which he enjoyed.

"There was like 15 of us visiting, so we did almost everything as a group, plus with our hosts and the coaches," said Epenesa. "That was one of the things I liked the most, getting to hang out with everyone."

Epenesa said the majority of his time with the coaches was split up amongst the entire staff, but he did get some 1-on-1 time with a few specific coaches.

"I got to sit down with Coach (Norm) Chow, Coach (Todd) Howard and Coach (Rick) Neuheisel and talk for a while with them each," said Epenesa.

So with the visit to UCLA under his belt, where do the Bruins stand?

"They're my leader for sure," said Epenesa. "I like them the most."

From Los Angeles, Epenesa headed to Texas, where he'll do a midweek visit to Baylor. This coming weekend, he'll visit Oregon State, his third visit. And he may squeeze in a visit to hometown Hawaii, officially, before Signing Day.

"I'll probably decide on Signing Day," said Epenesa.

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