BRO Spring Coverage

This spring could be one of the most exciting times in recent UCLA sports, with the hiring of a new basketball coach, and two new coaching staffs recruiting for the first time. Here's a rundown of events BRO will cover, and some new types of great coverage...

This spring, with new football and basketball staffs at UCLA, it's going to be a very exciting and busy time here at BRO.


Of course, we'll do our usual nuts-and-bolts coverage of the rest of the basketball season, football and basketball prospect updates and interviews, and team coverage, such as pre-spring football news, depth charts and such. 


But this spring is going to be particularly unique for UCLA fans, especially UCLA recruiting fans, as two new staffs in football and basketball go through their first spring recruiting at UCLA.


Greg Hicks and Tracy Pierson will report on basketball and basketball recruiting. Hicks and Pierson also publish, the #1 source for west coast basketball recruiting information on the Internet, so at BRO you have the best source of west coast hoops recruiting news built-in.  There are more hoops recruiting events this spring than ever before, and Hicks and Pierson will be covering them up and down the west coast and even back east.


Pierson and Sam Levi will cover all of the big spring football recruiting events.  Spring is the big evaluation period for football and more and more prospects are making their decisions earlier, so it's going to be an exciting time to follow new head coach Karl Dorrell during his first spring evaluation period. 


Also, BRO will feature some state-of-the-art video content, covering many of the spring (and summer) basketball events, as well as the football recruiting events, such as the Nike Camps, and even spring football practice.  You'll get highlight videos of many of the events, and highlight reels of the emerging UCLA prospects.


So, in addition BRO's regular coverage, and new video coverage, here are some events that BRO will be covering  this spring – just to keep them noted in your calendar:




Head Basketball Coaching Search  -- It should really start heating up by the end of this month. Expect many different names to continue to crop up. 


Basketball Recruiting –  High School Playoff coverage and prospect updates.


Football Recruiting --  We'll start providing you some preliminary stories of some of the best prospects to watch this summer during the evaluation period and the camps.




Head Basketball Coaching Search – It should be announced by at least mid-month that a change will be made.  Many of the candidates for the job will still have teams in the NCAA tournament at this time, so the rumors and reports should be interesting. 


Basketball Recruiting – Spring Leagues and AAU Events.




Football Spring Practice  April 1 – April 26.  It's the first spring practice for Dorrell and the new coaching staff and the beginning of new era on the field for UCLA football.  It culminates in the spring scrimmage Saturday, April 26th.


Head Basketball Coaching Search/Naming of Coach – It should be down to the wire at this point on the naming of the new coach.  We'll keep you updated by the minute on how the horse race is shaping up.


Los Angeles Nike Football Camp  April 6. It's perhaps the biggest football recruiting event on the west coast and really what kicks off the west coast football recruiting season.


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