Hundley Becomes Widely in Demand

Brett Hundley, the 6-4, 217-pound quarterback from Chandler (Ariz.) High, has blown up more than just about anyone in the west recently, recently collecting a flurry of scholarship offers. He talked about his intentions to see the schools he's considering...

Brett Hundley, the 6-foot-4, 217-pound three-star quarterback from Chandler High School in Chandler, Ariz., finished his junior season with around 1,700 yards passing and 1,200 yards rushing. He threw for 16 touchdowns and only had two interceptions.

"I'm a great leader," Hundley said about his strength as a quarterback. "I think that's very big. I also have very good agility and arm strength. I'm very accurate.

"I'm more of passing quarterback, but I can take off and run too," he said. "I'm a good dual-threat and I adapt very well."

Hundley says he can bench 300-pounds.

"I want to improve my footwork," he said. "That's the main thing for me. It all starts with footwork and I think I'd be able to make better throws and make more things happen."

Hundley still denies a leader but favors Arizona, Stanford, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Colorado and UCLA. All of his favorites have offered except Notre Dame. He also has offers from Arizona State, Colorado State, Montana and Washington.

"It's all even right now," he said. "None of them has a lead. I'm just having fun with the process right now."

Arizona is only one hour from Hundley's home and he already attended the Wildcats Junior Day. "I love the coaches there," he said. "The quarterbacks coach (Frank Scelfo) is great. Getting to know him has been a lot of fun. He's funny and has a great personality. We get along real good."

Hundley also attended junior days at Stanford and Colorado. He says the Cardinal campus was especially impressive.

"Their campus is sweet," he said about Stanford. "It's huge. It's like one of the biggest college campuses in the world. I think they said there's like one in Moscow that is bigger."

Besides the size, he says he was impressed with everything the Cardinal had to offer. "They have everything you could want or need," he said. "They really invest a lot of money in the school and their students. It's all about the students."

His first offer came from Colorado last spring and he also visited the Buffs Junior Day. "Colorado is a very nice place," he said. "My family is from Colorado and I love the environment and atmosphere there. Boulder is a great city.

"I got to talk to coach Dan Hawkins and we have a real good relationship too," he said.

On April 10, Hundley will be attending the A&M spring game and he says the Aggies are recruiting him the hardest. "They are sending me way more mail than anyone else," he said. "They're coming on really hard. They do whatever they can to stand out and they're always writing little jokes and stuff on the letters."

Hundley's grandmother lives in Houston and he plans on visiting her before heading to College Station.

The following week, April 17, Hundley will be attending the Nebraska spring game. "They have really nice coaches," he said. "They're telling me the spring game is gonna be huge. They have like 85,000 people show up for that. It should be great. There's gonna be a lot of guys from Arizona too, so that'll be fun."

Although he doesn't have a visit date set yet, Hundley also intends to visit UCLA this summer as well. "I've been to the Rose Bowl for a camp and it was great," he said. "But I didn't get to see the (UCLA) campus.

"UCLA is a big-time school," he said. "Everyone knows them. It's in a nice area and obviously the weather in California is great. They have a lot going for them."

Hundley would also like to visit Notre Dame, but the Irish haven't offered yet. "I actually don't know a lot about them," he said. "But my friend is on their track team and has told me a lot about them. They have great tradition and history. It's Notre Dame…it's a big school."

So is he expecing the Irish to offer? "We've talked a little, but we didn't go into depth about scholarships or any of that," he said.

Hundley says he doesn't have a timeframe for making a decision. "I'm still doing research and trying to figure it all out," he said.

"I want to see all the coaches and see how they coach and what kind of style they have," he said. "I also want to get a feel for the campus and make sure I can see myself living there."

He says he didn't follow a specific school growing up.

Hundley says he'd like to be a doctor and hopes to go pre-med in college. He reports a 3.9 core GPA, but hasn't scheduled a date to take the SAT or ACT yet.

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