Chol's List is at Eight Schools

Angelo Chol, the 2011 elite 6-7 forward from San Diego (Calif.) Hoover, has eliminated a few schools from consideration, and is down to a workable group of eight...

For most, the concept of a little "spring cleaning" isn't a foreign one during this time of year. Now, Angelo Chol certainly isn't most people. However, the 6-foot-7 junior from San Diego recently engaged in a little spring cleaning of his own all the same.

The difference is that Chol's efforts stretch beyond that of a clean home. One of the nation's most sought-after post prospects for the Class of 2011, Chol trimmed his list of potential suitors last week – taking him another step closer to one of the most important decisions of his young life.

"Last week, I took off Arizona State and Wyoming," he told "I'm down to eight right now."

Among the schools residing on that list of eight are many of the most powerful names in the sport, including those of Alabama, Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, UCONN and Washington.

Naturally, all of that attention has come for a reason. A natural southpaw, Chol possesses explosive athleticism in his 6-foot-9 frame and outstanding defensive instincts, said Ollie Goulston, Chol's head coach at San Diego's Hoover High School.

As an added bonus, his offensive game is quickly picking up steam.

"He's a great defensive player and shot-blocker," Goulston explained. "His offensive game has really come along this year. He's got a very good post game, and a really nice left-handed jump hook."

His athleticism and versatility – west coast recruiting analyst Greg Hicks noted his budding offensive post game and passing ability in January – make him a fit for any style of play, Goulston added, but an uptempo environment is where he would thrive.

Chol agreed with his coach's assessment, and not just about the collegiate system to which he is best suited – but about his strengths and weaknesses as a player.

"My strengths right now are probably blocking shots and rebounding," he said. "My offensive game is coming along, but I think it needs more work. So it's probably the defensive side of it and rebounding (where he's most effective right now)."

Of the eight schools now on his list, seven have offered a scholarship, with North Carolina the lone holdout. According to Chol, the Tar Heel staff has informed Goulston that an offer of their own will likely be on the way shortly, assuming sophomore forward Ed Davis enters the NBA draft.

With only two west coast schools remaining on the list, location obviously won't be a factor in the talented big man's decision.

"I really don't care where I go," Chol said. "It doesn't matter if I stay home or leave."

Since his name first appeared on collegiate radars more than two years ago, Chol and Goulston have taken a measured approach to the recruiting process. That philosophy is unlikely to change, as Chol indicated no major decisions would be made until as late as the spring of 2011.

For now, he's just preparing for the start of his final AAU season and enjoying the ride.

"I think it's a great opportunity for me," he said, of being recruited by so many high-quality programs. "I think I'm blessed. I didn't expect this stuff when I first started out."

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