Vegas DE Jalen Grimble Has A Plan

Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman defensive end Jalen Grimble spoke with about the latest developments in his recruitment. He hauled in two more scholarship offers, but also reports that he has planned a date for a commitment ceremony...

Jalen Grimble, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound defensive end from Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman High boasts an extremely impressive offer list. Schools like USC, UCLA, Alabama, LSU, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Tennessee, Washington and Stanford are just some of the schools who have stepped up.

His offer list grew by two more this week when Arizona State and Illinois both came in with official offers and the four-star defender insists that his recruitment is still a wide open race.

"Every offer I am taking in to consideration, because it offers a free education and the chance to play college football," Grimble began. "Every one is getting as much consideration as any other one. I will take every one in to consideration."

Grimble is trying to see as many schools as possible before making a decision. During the Easter weekend he came to Los Angeles to visit with some family and while he was in town he took the time to visit both USC and UCLA. He spoke about the plusses of each trip.

UCLA - "One thing that I had not seen before is that their practice had a complete turn around from last year. This year they had the music on and the players were really going. Things are starting to turn around out there and I just can't wait to see what they do this year."

Jalen Grimble at the USC Rising Stars camp
Kevin Carden,
USC - "USC was kind of the same as they always have a high tempo and high tempered practice. It was nice to get with the new staff and see how they do things. I got to spend the day over there watching practice and sitting in on meetings."

Next up for Grimble will be a trip to see the Nebraska Spring Game and get a closer look at the Cornhusker's program.

"Right now I just have a scheduled trip to Nebraska to see their Spring Game," Grimble said when asked about his future visit plans.

Grimble is currently on Spring Break, but that has not stopped him from keeping on his workout grind. He has an impressive regimen that he goes through on a weekly basis, including three days a week working out with an UFC trainer.

"Every day during the week I work out at school. On the weekends I work out with my dad. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I work out with a UFC guy for my conditioning and footwork. Right now I bench 330 and I squat 410 and my power clean is 275."

"When you go through one round of that (UFC training) you think how do these guys go for three or four or five rounds. It is amazing. The two most important things it helps me with is eye, hand coordination and it also really helps me with my hand strength."

The 4-star prospect reports that he is open to all of the schools on his list, but he does have a plan for winding things down for an August 10th Birthday announcement, which will allow him to make a final decision 11 days before the start of his senior season.

"August 10th is when I am going to be making my commitment," reported Grimble. "I am going to have a party and at the end of it I am going to say where I am going. It is my Birthday."

"I will have a narrowed down (list) in late April or early June. And then in July I would like to have my final three or final four. "

Grimble collected 62 tackles and five sacks as a junior in 2009.

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