Scouting the Nation's Receivers

The football recruiting regional managers break down the top wide receivers and tight ends from around the country in the Class of 2011, including many prospects UCLA is recruiting...

Issaquah (WA) Skyline |
SIZE: 6-2/195
EVALUATED: In Person Game, Game Film, Highlights, In Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: I've probably seen Williams in person more than I've seen any 2011 prospect, since he jumped on to the scene as a freshman in the state championship game. Then we had him at the Badger/New Level 7on7 that next spring, still just a freshman, and you could just see the receiver Williams would become. The one knock on Williams is he doesn't have elite speed. But the funny thing is, you rarely see him get caught from behind. He catches everything thrown his way and outside of maybe Jake Heaps, Malcolm Jones and Robert Woods, there hasn't been a better "big game" player on the West Coast the past few years than Williams. He's a big, physical presence (he could be an elite safety) and does everything you want in a go-to receiver. He's a tremendous athlete (averages double-digits on the hardwood and jumps 6-11 in the high jump. His athleticism is his biggest strength. - Brandon Huffman
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Offers from all over the country- he'll be narrowing it down in the coming weeks, likely in June.

#2 WR - George Farmer
Gardena (CA) Serra |
SIZE: 6-2/197
EVALUATED: In Person Game, Game Film, Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: Speed and more speed describes Farmer's game. He has never been the best receiver on his own team (he was Serra's #2 receiver, with the nation's #1-ranked receiver, Robert Woods opposite him the past three years). But this year, he will be "The Man" for the Cavs. Farmer could play on either side of the ball, be it at outside linebacker or safety on defense, or at receiver on offense. He'll return kicks and punts this year for the Cavs and could do that in college too. He's a true gamebreaker who's just dangerous with the ball in his hands. When he gets to college, he figures to have a lot of chances to touch the ball in various ways.- Brandon Huffman
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Offers from most of the nation's elite but a heavy lean to USC, where Serra has built a nice pipeline.

#3 WR - Sammy Watkins
Fort Myers (FL) South Fort Myers |
SIZE: 6-1/180
EVALUATED: Game Film, Highlights, In-Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: Watkins is an elite athlete and could end up at wide receiver or safety on the next level. While he has very good size and instincts in the defensive backfield, he makes the most plays on the offensive side of the ball. He has very sticky hands and with his solid frame and top notch speed, Watkins is one of the top wideouts in the country. He can get better at making adjustments to the ball, but he is so good while being raw that when he gets to the next level and polishes his game, he could be scary. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Very Good
RECRUITING: Florida leads Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, Rutgers, and West Virginia.

#4 WR - Trey Metoyer
Whitehouse (TX) |
SIZE: 6-2/185
EVALUATED: Game Film, Highlights, In-Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: There are receivers like Steve Smith or Jerry Rice who run crisp precise routes that break defenders ankles. And there are receivers out there like Terrell Owens who are able to dominate the game because of their freakish attributes, size and speed. And then you have receivers like Trey Metoyer who are ultimate competitors who will do anything necessary to make a catch. Metoyer would run through a brick wall to make a grab. He may not have the highest vertical leap when testing but when the ball is in the air he will jump higher to catch it. He may not run a blistering fast 40-yard dash time, but he will not be beat to the ball. He plays the game with a nasty disposition and he has great hands and a desire to catch the ball. He also has the ability to make plays in the open field and gets plenty of YAC. - Greg Powers
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Elite
RECRUITING: Committed to Oklahoma

Belle Glade (FL) Glades Central |
SIZE: 6-6/210
EVALUATED: Practice, In-Person Camp, Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: The first thing that stands out about Benjamin is his size. He is a legit 6-foot-6 and he is weighing right around 220 pounds. That size could land him at wide receiver or tight end on the next level. He is much more of a wideout now and he is best when going up to get jump balls. He really knows how to use his size to his advantage and while he needs to work on his hips and running better routes, he is very fluid and he has good hands. It looks like he will end up at wide receiver on the next level, but he could be used in a hybrid role at tight end as well. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Elite
RECRUITING: Holds offers from Florida, Miami, NC State, South Florida, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Saginaw (MI) |
SIZE: 6-0/170
EVALUATED: Game Film, Highlights, In-Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: I've been watching DeAnthony since his freshman year and even then, it was apparent what a natural he is. He is smooth, changes directions with ease and understands how to set up defenders. He also has great ball tracking skills. His body control and hands are excellent. What would concern me is his lack of strength, and how he will do against physical corners. His quickness off the line really helps that, but he will need to add some bulk to take some hits too. After the catch, he is good, but that's another area I think he can improve on. Ultimately, I think even at his floor, he's going to be one of those kids who always seems open, moves the chains and is a reliable receiver who can also stretch the field up the sidelines. Just how successful he is, to me, will depend on how much bigger he can get. - Allen Trieu
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Very High
RECRUITING: Says Michigan State leads slightly over USC and Notre Dame, with schools like Tennessee, Michigan, California, and others also in the mix.

Spartanburg (SC) Dorman |
SIZE: 6-3/170
EVALUATED: In-person Game, Game Film, Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: Peake has been known since he was a freshman in 2007 and he has not disappointed. He had size back then and he steadily grown as a wide receiver over the last few years. He has gotten stronger, he has become more consistent catching the ball, he is much quicker now, and he has just grown into one of the best in the country. He is such a big target and he is a go-to guy inside the red zone now and he will be the same on the next level. Separation speed is still an area he can improve on, but he has really come into his own over the past year. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Elite
RECRUITING: Recently named a top five of Clemson, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and USC.

Vernon Hills (IL) |
SIZE: 6-2/175
EVALUATED: Game Film, Highlights, In-Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: Daniels is very athletic. His testing numbers, including his 40-inch vertical leap speak to that along with what he does on tape. Because he is a glider, I've heard some question his speed, but on tape and in person, he shows the ability to stretch the field and he runs away from people after the catch. He can go up and make tough grabs in traffic, as well as take short passes and turn them into long gains. I think his elusiveness is something that separates him. He has the frame to add more bulk and strength, and I think that's something he needs to concentrate on. He hasn't gone up against many corners that will press him, and I'd like to see him against some elite competition this summer. I think he's a guy who can be a number one receiver for a team, as well as be a return man. - Allen Trieu
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: High
RECRUITING: He has offers from across the country, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Michigan, Illinois, and others. The Fighting Irish are currently the leader, although if his dad's alma mater, Georgia, offers, it could get interesting.

Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei |
SIZE: 6-2/195
EVALUATED: In Person Game, Game Film, Highlights, In Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: I remember tuning in on a Wednesday night in August of 2008 to see's #1-ranked quarterback, Matt Barkley and #1-ranked tight end, Morrell Presley, go up against each other. And who steals the show? Blackwell, and right away. Blackwell introduced himself to the country by returning the opening kickoff 99-yards for a touchdown, and the then-sophomore showed he'd be a name to jot down and remember. I went to see him in person later in the year and he still looked like a kid, not having grown much into his body. Now you see him and you can see that he's maturing physically. Blackwell is still a track guy who's playing football, and as he continues to improve in football, the sky is the limit for him. He's got very good hands but just needs to be consistent and continue to sharpen his route running.- Brandon Huffman
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Offers from several schools but Cal, UCLA and Notre Dame are his top schools.

#10 WR - Nickolas Braswell
Batesville (MS) South Panola |
SIZE: 6-1/176
EVALUATED: Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: Brassell is all about speed and it is easy to see when his film is playing. He constantly plays fast and he never slows down. When he gets the ball, he takes off and gets to top end speed in a hurry. At defensive back, he closes on the ball very well and his constant speed just makes him a playmaker at all times. He could end up at wide receiver, corner, or safety on the next level. Most schools want to put the ball in his hands, but some feel he could really excel in the secondary. He needs to add strength, but what the game is about now is speed and he has that. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and USC.

#1 TE - Jay Rome
Valdosta (GA) |
SIZE: 6-6/240
EVALUATED: Live Practice, Live Game, Game Tape, Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: ome is a the complete tight end. He can play in any system because of his size, athleticism, and skill set. He is a very unselfish player that can block, he has hands like a wide receiver, and he really understands the game. He moves very well for a guy his size, but can get a little better at exploding off the ball. With what he brings to the table, he is on track to being a tight end playing on Sundays. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Elite
RECRUITING: Currently considering Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Auburn.

#2 TE - Ben Koyack
Oil City (PA) |
SIZE: 6-5/230
EVALUATED: In-person Camp, Game film
SCOUTING REPORT: Ben Koyack has been mentioned in recruiting circles since his freshman season when he went to the University of Pittsburgh's camp and tore it up. The legend of Koyack has just grown a little more each year since. I know people tend to judge these kids based on what they do as a true freshman, but I would love to see Koyack red shirt and have a year of training table and a college strength and conditioning program under his belt. I have had the pleasure of scouting some of the best tight ends in the nation over the years such as Aaron Hernandez, Nate Byham, Kyle Rudolph and Ben Koyack has the chance to be just as good as any of them. He is a superb athlete who can stretch the field like a wide receiver. He is deadly in the red zone, but Koyack is also not afraid to throw his weight around in blocking situations either. Koyack also excels in track and basketball, he is one of the premier athletes in the state and should be an All-American candidate. - Bob Lichtenfels.
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Committed to Notre Dame

#3 TE - Nick O'Leary
Palm Beach Gardens (FL) Dwyer |
SIZE: 6-4/230
EVALUATED: Live Game, Live Practice
SCOUTING REPORT: The only thing O'Leary is missing is that height some look for in an elite tight end. He is in the 6-foot-3 to 6-foot-4 range and that is tall enough to make him special, but if he was 6-foot-5 and a little longer, then he would likely be considered a lock to the NFL. He is a tenacious blocker on the edge, he is an intense competitor, he catches the ball very well, he is explosive, and he is a gifted all around athlete. The only knock on him is length, but he is still elite and a game changer at his position. - Chad Simmons
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Says he is open to Florida State, Miami, Florida, Georgia, USC, Ohio State and Alabama.

Gig Harbor (WA) |
SIZE: 6-7/245
EVALUATED: In Person Game, Game Film, Highlights, In Person Camp
SCOUTING REPORT: When I first saw Seferian-Jenkins as a sophomore, he was playing at the Badger/New Level 7on7 at tight end, was a little thicker and looked like he might end up growing into a tackle in college. Then I went and saw him play as a junior on a Thursday night, and despite being severly underused the night I would go (of course the next week, he'd have 15+ receptions), you could see he was a tight end all the way. Seferian-Jenkins runs very well, not like many plodding tight ends do, but like a bigger receiver. He's got some of the softest hands I've seen on a tight end, and does a tremendous job catching the ball. Some high school tight ends, especially those who are more pass-catchers, get a little lazy when they block, but Seferian-Jenkins didn't, getting several pancakes (whether lined up in the slot or with his hand down). He handles the position well, doing what you want from your tight end- blocking and catching, but he'll be used as a pass-catching weapon in college. - Brandon Huffman
CEILING: Elite | FLOOR: Excellent
RECRUITING: Offers from all over the country- he'll be narrowing it down to a top five in June.

#5 TE - Jon Davis
Middletown (KY) Eastern |
SIZE: 6-3/230
EVALUATED: Game Film, Highlights
SCOUTING REPORT: Davis is a fantastic athlete who has played multiple positions, including tailback in high school. In college, he should bring that same versatility, and I see him as an H-Back or flex tight end to start. Watching what he does at running back, you can see his body control and athletic ability and see what he will be able to do after the catch. He shows good hands and natural pass catching ability and that will be his forte. I have not seen much blocking out of him, but I think he'll be able to motion in and out of the backfield and be a lead blocker from that H-Back spot. Currently about 6'3, 228-lbs, he will have to add some weight and strength to continue to improve as an in-line blocker, but he shows a lot of toughness on tape. - Allen Trieu
CEILING: Excellent | FLOOR: High
RECRUITING: Committed to Kentucky

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