Vegas Receiver Has Major Interest in UCLA

Las Vegas (Nev.) receiver MarQuan Major got his first recruiting letter from UCLA and he plans on camping with the Bruins during the summer...

Las Vegas (Nev.) MarQuan Major (6-3, 175), got to experience the lows of football, when an arm injury, a freak injury at that, cost him most of his junior year.

But Major is also experiencing the highs, with one school seeing enough of him to offer and plenty more showing interest.

"Recruiting is going really good for me, especially considering the injury," said Major. "Everything is looking up, nothing is looking down. The sky is the limit."

Hometown UNLV was the first to offer Major, something that caused a tremendous amount of relief.

"I was so relieved, so happy, I was jumping up and down, like "thank God". My mom and dad were very relieved. Now, it's time to keep showing people that I'm offerable," said Major.

Prior to the arm injury, which happened when he was reaching for a first down, outstretching it for the extra yard and it breaking in the process when he was hit, several schools were writing him.

"UCLA was the first school to write me, and you always remember that. They've been on me a long time. They send me a lot of stuff and they've been on me since this thing all started. Colorado was another school that had been on me since my sophomore year. So that means a lot because they all kept recruiting me even with the injury," said Major.

More schools, like Hawaii, Colorado State, Oregon State, Arizona and Arizona State as well as Georgia, where his cousin is in the athletic administration, have been in contact with Major.

"Hawaii has been on me a lot lately and I really like them. Colorado State has been talking with me and Oregon State came to my practice and they liked how I looked and how I moved. So that is a possible offer if I go up there to their camp at the beginning of June. Oregon State really has put them on the map with me because of how they've been.

Both the Arizona schools have been recruiting Vegas heavily the past few years, and Major has been on the receiving end of that.

"I would have to say Arizona and Arizona State have been showing the most serious interest from the Pac-10," said Major. "Arizona, they got that spread out there, and (former Vegas product) Juron Criner is there and it's worked out well for him. Arizona State, I talked to Coach Bray, and they told me they're moving to more of a spread."

Major said he's got a half dozen schools that he's most interested in.

"I'm pretty wide open, but UCLA is in the top, then Hawaii, Oregon State, UNLV of course and then Colorado and Colorado State," said Major.

The Rebels may have their work cut out for Major if more schools come calling, but Major insists they have as good a shot as anyone.

"Just the fact they offered me first means a lot," said Major. "But UNLV is building something special. They really haven't had a losing season wherever Coach (Bobby) Hauck has been, and that sticks out. At UNLV, I could help build something special. And of course, it's home and there is no place like home. I already know what Vegas has to offer. I know Eric Tuiloma and Taylor Spencer (2010 signees) and they must know something everyone else doesn't. Coach Hauck said the same thing to me he told them. With a program like UNLV, all you have to do is believe and the sky is the limit."

Major said he's planning on four camps for the summer, to UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona State and Colorado, and could hit more.

In terms of making a decision, Major would like to land more offers, to know all of his options, but doesn't appear to be in a rush.

"I want to take all five of my official visits because I don't have any idea of where I want to go, if I want to stay home, or go somewhere else," said Major. "I just want to enjoy the ride. It's a once in a lifetime thing. One day it will pop in my head."

Major said the arm is completely fine, and he did well at the Los Angeles NFTC last month.

"Some people shy away from me because of the injury, that I'm fragile, but it was a freak injury, my arm was outstretched. Now they're coming to practice and they're interested because I'm performing. They come in and think I look pretty good," said Major.

At 175, Major said he knows he's got room to grow physically.

"My doctors said I'm still getting a little bigger and a little taller. I can easily add another 25-30 pounds, and that's what really excites coaches, that I haven't reached my physical peak," said Major.

Academically, Major has a 3.2 GPA and scored a 20 on the ACT and a 1400 on the SAT.

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