The Wears Talk About Their Decision

David and Travis Wear decided to transfer out of North Carolina earlier this month, and today signed with UCLA. They talked to us about their decision, what went into leaving UNC and choosing the Bruins...

David Wear and Travis Wear answered questions about their decision to transfer from North Carolina to UCLA.

Why did you choose to transfer to UCLA?

David: "I just felt it was the right fit for me. It was the right situation. It's a great basketball program with a great coach. And it's right up the street, so my friends and family can come and watch me play and support me. It was also an opportunity to play with teammates I've played with my whole life."

When did you start thinking about transferring out of North Carolina, and start considering UCLA?

David: "It was toward the end of my semester at UNC, I started thinkinga bout coming back to California, coming back home, and finding a better fit and situation. I didn't first necessarily think about UCLA, but just somewhere in the Pac-10. It just so happened that UCLA had two scholarships available. It was just the right fit."

What other programs were you interested in, and was it key that they had two scholarships available?

Travis: "There were a number of schools that showed interest. Some had two scholarship, some had one. They asked if one of us wanted to come, but we wanted to stay together. I don't want to get into naming the other programs but there were many that were interested."

How do you see yourselves fitting into UCLA's system, playing what position?

David: "I feel like I could play the 3, 4, or 5 at UCLA. I think I'm quick enough to guard 3s. I guarded them at UNC. I'm just looking forward to it, sitting out a year, getting bigger and stronger, and coming back to contribute any way I can."

What was it about Ben Howland's coaching or system that was attractive to you?

Travis: "Well, UCLA recruited us heavily out of high school, so we had already learned a lot about the program. Coach Howland is a great coach. Three Final Four appearances. So you know it's a great program and a great system. We're very excited to get up there and learn the system, be in the UCLA program, and be around our future teammates. I'm really looking forward to getting back with my old teammates at Mater Dei, Tyler Lamb and Blake Arnett."

You also played some of the other UCLA players in AAU ball, right?

Travis: "Yeah, we played with Jerime Anderson and Reeves Nelson. Through the years we even played with or against all of those guys, so I know most of them pretty well."

When will you be enrolled at UCLA?

Travis: "We'll be taking the first summer session at UCLA, I think starting June 21st."

In leaving North Carolina, was it about playing time, the system, or something else that made you want to transfer?

David: "I just felt like it wasn't the right situation for my brother and me both. Playing time wasn't really a factor. I played in every game. I just felt like I wanted to find the right situation for me. But the past is the past. I really don't want to talk about NC. I want to think about my future as a UCLA Bruin an continuing my basketball career in Los Angeles."

How is your family taking it? Your mom pretty happy?

David: "Everyone is thrilled. My family and my friends, coaches, everyone. I just feel we're coming home and everyone will have the opportunity to watch us play, which is going to be great."

How tough will it be to redshirt next season?

Travis: I think it will be tough not to be out on court and not play, but it will be good to be able to participate in practice and help my teammates, which I think will help win games. Then I'll also get bigger and stronger, and 'll be that much better and be able to contribute the next season."

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