Neuheisel In A Unique Position

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola quarterback Jerry Neuheisel is a heavy lean to UCLA, for obvious reasons, but is open to other options. Still, the Bruins are tough to beat and he talks about his recruitment...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola quarterback Jerry Neuheisel has one of the more unique recruitments in all of the country this year.

The son of UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel, Jerry has been favoring the Bruins since he was a young kid, and knowing his connection to the Bruin program, his recruitment has seemed to have focused on UCLA.

"Most other schools are shying away from," said Neuheisel. "I'm leaning pretty heavily towards UCLA and I'd love to play for my dad. I've always dreamed of that. Other schools have penciled me in for the Bruins. "

But Neuheisel said he's not a lock yet.

"That's not really the case, I'm definitely looking at other schools and looking for the best option for me," said Neuheisel. "But most schools think I'm a shoo-in for the Bruins."

Some of those schools have coaches with ties to Neuheisel, some are just interested in Neuheisel.

"Idaho has called, Steve Axman coached with my dad and he's definitely interested, and UNLV did with Bobby Hauck," said Neuheisel. "Illinois has been talking with me a little bit and Oregon State came by and checked to see where my head is at."

Neuheisel would like to seal his decision up before the season starts.

"I'll probably wait and do it before the beginning of the season, and I'll probably wait around and see if anything else comes in, because I'm definitely going to go look at other schools," said Neuheisel. "I'll definitely finish it up before the season. Then I can focus on Loyola."

The plan would be for him to sign in February but delay his enrollment by greyshirting. That would put Neuheisel at UCLA in the Winter of 2012, with the Fall of 2012 his first season with the Bruins.

"My plan would be to greyshirt. So I'd be a freshman when Kevin (Prince) is a senior and then have a chance the next year when he graduates," said Neuheisel. "My whole goal is to get some size, because I'm a little undersized and I'd be able to get acclimated and get in the system."

Neuheisel sounds similar to his father when he talks, and he said that they're alike in a lot of ways.

"I know I have the personality of my dad, and I'd love to help him anyway I can and I'd love to play with some of these guys at the next level so I'm doing some recruiting for UCLA myself," said Neuheisel. "A lot of guys are coming up to me at camps and saying to have my dad recruit them. Guys are trying to get a look and I'm trying to help them out."

But now Neuheisel has the tables turned on him a little.

"Anthony Barr and John Young are all over me to commit," said Neuheisel. "I'd been on them for so long and now they're all over me. I can't wait to see them in blue and gold."

Neuheisel said he planned to camp at UCLA on Sunday and again on June 20th.

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