Flavin Comments on His Schools

Patrick Flavin, the 6-7, 260-pound offensive tackle prospect from Illinois, talked about the four schools that he's considering the most at this point, including UCLA...

Patrick Flavin, the 6-7, 260-pound offensive tackle prospect from Lisle (Ill.) Binet Academy, loves the game of football because of how team-oriented it is. The lineman from Lisle, IL has always played with a certain mentality:

"I believe in working together, and on the offensive line, we do that all the time. If you have a good line, then your chances of having big games on offense are going to be greater. Being a lineman fits how I want to operate closely, and I think the chemistry you develop with the other 4 guys is vital."

While Flavin claims to have no top 4 or 5 at this point in time, he would not say that certain schools do not stand out.

"There are definitely a handful of schools that are popping out right now," Flavin said. "I hope to start compiling a shorter list later this summer, but as of right now, I have my eyes set on several."

Which schools are getting the longest look from the offensive tackle?

UCLA - "I think Coach Neuheisel is a great guy, and I have had an assistant at my high school a couple of different times. I hope to make it out there this summer. There is a certain appeal there because I would be playing on the west coast."

Cal-Berkeley - "I would like to visit out there this summer as well. They have the west coast appeal too, and it is just a great school."

Miami (FL) - "They have not offered yet, but if they do, they will be right up there. They have a lot of tradition down there, and I like what they are doing."

Notre Dame – "My brother is a walk-on there, and I have had several family members attend Notre Dame. It is one of the most famous football schools out there, and the tradition is really neat."

There are numerous other schools involved with Pat's recruitment, and some of them are from the Big XII.

"Kansas and Baylor have offered. Nebraska and OSU are talking to me and they seem pretty interested."

Coach Reggie Mitchell is the lead recruiter for Flavin, and he recruited him while he was still at Illinois.

"I like Coach Mitchell. He is a good coach and a good guy, and he has been talking to me for a while now. Kansas is a team that is being re-energized by Coach Gill, and they play in one of the best conferences in the country. It is another school I would definitely mention."

The Jayhawks will be taking several linemen in this class, and it is obvious that a player of Pat Flavin's caliber is someone who they would like to add.

Being as tall as he is, the lineman from Benet Academy tries to mold his game after two millionaires. These millionaires play on Sundays, and they both have bright futures in the NFL.

"Jake Long and Joe Thomas are two tackles that are so much fun to watch. They are both maulers, but they are both adept in pass protection. They help dictate their respective lines, and I want to do that more this next year. They are the quintessential offensive tackles in my opinion, and they play with a high level of tenacity."

Flavin wants to get back to the playoffs, he wants to do well on the offensive side of the ball, and he wants to adjust to playing on the defensive side as well.

"I have good athleticism, I do a good job of getting to the second level, I think my footwork is there, and I can stick with those quicker defensive ends."

He wants to wear #72 or #75 in college, major in History or Political Science, and picking out his greatest strength is not hard for him to do.

"In pass pro and in run support, I am a finisher. I love nothing more than knocking someone flat. When you get near my zone, I want you out."

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