Q&A with DT Cody Temple

The 6-3, 280-pound defensive tackle prospect from Bakersfield, Cody Temple, almost didn't come to the UCLA camp, but luckily he did and performed well. He talks about what a UCLA scholarship would mean to him, and why he has a chip on his shoulder...

Cody Temple, the defensive tackle prospect from Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty, was dominant in the one-on-ones at the UCLA Camp Sunday.

He talked to us after the camp.

What'd you measure and weigh at the camp?

"Six-foot-three, 280 pounds."

Did you run the 40?

"Yes, I just don't know how I did. They didn't tell me."

How'd you do this last season as a junior?

I did allright. I was kind of sick for some of the season, fighting off pneumonia. But I just kept pushing, my dad kept pushing me, and our team was a little upset there in the last game, but it was good. It was a good season."

Now, coming into this spring and summer, have you been getting a lot of recruiting attention?

"A little bit. I have four offers now from Portland, San Jose State, Washington State and Nevada."

What prompted you to come to the UCLA camp today?

"Just to get noticed. It's my first camp. My first camp or combine."

Have you been in contact with the UCLA coaches much?

"Coach Lea, I've been talking and e-mailing with him a lot, and Coach Howard. I came down here for Tom Lemmings' interview. The first time I was ever down here at UCLA was in 8th grade, for middle school."

Did you get any feedback from the coaches on how you've been doing today?

"They said I was looking good, and looking forward to contacting you afterward."

What do you think that means?

"Hopefully something good."

Perhaps maybe a scholarship offer?

"That'd be nice."

If UCLA offered you, how would that impact your decision?

"It would be a big thing. As far as I know, my great grandma went to UCLA, and she passed on in January of this year. UCLA is a big school. "

With your great grandma, would a UCLA offer mean something to you?

"Yeah, something big."

Do you think you'd commit immediately or wait?

"I think I'd wait, but it would give me a lot to think about. Definitely."

What other schools that haven't offered you are recruiting you pretty aggressively?

"Fresno State, Washington, Oregon State, San Diego State, USC and Miami."

What other camps do you plan on attending?

"As of right now, Fresno, San Jose State, San Diego State and Boise State."

So, you're going to be on the road. You going to try to get those done all in one trip?

"Maybe. Whatever works."

Are you getting recruited primarily as a defensive tackle? Did you play both ways last season?

"Halfway through the season they put me on O-line. Portland is recruiting me for offense. But I've only played six games (on offense). "

What do you think your strengths are as a player?

"Experience. Strength, at least for high school, but for college you have to pick that up, with technique. "

You say it's your first camp. When you come out on a day like this, how do you feel you measure up here?

"Feel like an average kid. It's something new. I'm real nervous. Come out here and I've had butterflies ever since I knew I was coming. I called to register and they told me that I wouldn't fit in (camp was full). Then Coach Howard e-mailed me to be here at 8:00 in the morning to get registered. Ever since then I've had butterflies. They're starting to wear off."

So when you first tried to register they said they were full?


Well that worked out well…


You look like you've been doing well in the one-on-ones. You feel good about it?

"Yeah. A little mess-ups on a few things, but just try to be quick the whole time."

In this environment, is it a lot of pressure?

"Yeah. It's something new. I never thought it would be football for me. He's the one…(points at his father). I played baseball for two or three years, and then my dad said, ‘Let's get you into football.'"

How long you been playing football?

"Since second grade."

So you're playing baseball, and you started to get kind of big as a second grader?

"Actually I was the small kid. In about fourth or fifth grade I started averaging out, and then I started peaking over all the other kids in my class."

So, you have a little-guy chip on your shoulder?

"Yeah, there were kids messing with me, calling me a little shrimp."

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