McReynolds Has Travel Plans

The 16th-ranked offensive tackle prospect in the country, Kevin McReynolds from Washington D.C., is in the process of collecting information on many of the schools he's interested in, and that will include some unofficial visits...

Kevin McReynolds, the 6-foot-3, 280-pound four-star defensive tackle from St. John's College in Washington, D.C., says there are two things he is waiting on before he begins to narrow down his list. One is the USC ruling and the second is the possible conference realignments.

"Those things will definitely affect me and some of the schools," McReynolds said.

"I really want to see what happens to USC," he said. "I thought we'd find out last week. It's taking a long time. The main thing I want to see is if they can still go to bowl games. That's what I care about."

When asked about the possibility of the Trojans having to forfeit their 2004 national championship, McReynolds remarked, "I don't care. I can't change the past," he said. "That doesn't affect me. I'm just looking at how the decision will affect me."

As far as the conference realignments, McReynolds admits it shouldn't have a huge impact on his decision. "It's interesting to follow, but I can't see it affecting me too much," he said. "I guess it depends on the school."

McReynolds admits he supports some of the proposed conference changes. "I think the new conference realignment is great," he said. "I could see a school like Texas Tech going to the Pac-10 for sure. Even Texas. If Texas goes to the Pac-10 that'll create a big shift in the Big 12. It could even be the end of the Big 12. Or the Big 12 could become like Conference USA and just be a national conference and not be based on geography.

McReynolds also believes that certain schools are better suited for specific conferences. "The Pac-10 is kind of like a combination of the SEC and Big 12," he said. "They play fast and run the ball a lot, but they also have great passing games and score a lot. A Big Ten team probably wouldn't be a good fit for the Pac-10.

"But schools like Missouri and Nebraska (from the Big 12) would probably fit in well with the Big Ten," he said. "Especially Nebraska because they play a hardnosed style of football, just like most of the Big Ten."

McReynolds admits he's more interested in following the conference situation than he is his own recruiting.

"I have no favorites," he said. "I don't have a top five either…it's more like a top 20, but really I'm still deciding."

McReynolds, ranked as the No. 16 defensive tackle in the country by, says he has around 40 total scholarship offers.

Although McReynolds won't be attending any camps this summer, he already has visits planned to Oregon, USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Auburn and Arkansas during his summer vacation. All have offered him.

"I know I'll be at Arizona State the first week of July," he said. "Sometime between the first and fifth."

He isn't sure about the other dates yet.

"I really love the style of football they play at Oregon," he said. "I like how they play because that's how I like to play. They have defensive linemen that get after it and are very hardnosed and that's me.

"The coaches are unbelievable," he said. "They've done a great job and the direction of the program is still moving up. They're getting better and better and are competing to be the best of the Pac-10 and the country."

Another Pac-10 school that McReynolds thinks is on-the-rise is UCLA.

"UCLA is a great academic school," he said. "It's a great location and it's a program where I think I could go in and start at. I'd be able to make an impact there and maybe help them turn things around."

With offers from schools all over the country he says that distance will not be a factor. "I went to military school as a kid so I'm adapted to being away," he said.

"The location doesn't matter either," he said. "I like small towns because the people are just so different and so nice, but I'm from a big city and I like big cities too."

Besides heading west for some visits, McReynolds also plans to head south and visit Auburn and Arkansas.

"They play in the top conference in the country," he said about the SEC. "They're both programs that are coming up."

McReynolds doesn't plan on making a decision until after his senior season. "I'll start taking my official visits during the season, but I want to take them all," he said.

"I want to make sure the program is committed to excellence and see what their approach is to achieving that," he said. "I want to make sure I can go somewhere and develop as a player and play for coaches who can do that."

McReynolds also has offers from Ohio State, Kansas State, Pittsburgh, LSU, North Carolina, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Memphis, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon State, Rutgers, Syracuse, South Florida, Texas Tech, West Virginia and several others.

He plans to major in business entertainment and reports a 2.9 core GPA. He is scheduled to take the ACT for the first time on June 12 and did not take the SAT on March 13 as originally planned.

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