2012 DL Quay Evans Wide Open

Morton (Miss.) defensive tackle Quay Evans is one of the top college football prospects in the southeast for the 2012 signing class. UCLA is one of the schools that is after him...

Quay Evans profile

"I have been to Alabama and Mississippi State so far," said Evans. "I am going to Alabama next month for a four day camp. I have to go to Ole Miss camp and that's it for now.

The camping event in Tuscaloosa was a Nike training event rather than a camp hosted by the Tide coaching staff.

"Alabama was more of an elite player camp," said Evans. "There were a lot of athletes who could play on the next level and the level after that. Everybody there played with a relentless effort. I had to work hard and do more than they did to stand out."

The level of competition really added to the event for Quay.

"It was a wonderful camp," said the talented defensive tackle. "I had never been around that many players who were serious about football. They don't just like the game, they love it."

This past week Quay spent some time on the campus of Mississippi State as part of the Bulldogs' first summer camp.

"Going to Mississippi State's camp made me change my mind about going there," said Evans. "Before I didn't want to go there, but after meeting the defensive line coach, Chris Wilson, he is the best college coach I have ever met.

"He's a straight up guy and he's not going to sugar coat it. If I was doing something wrong, he would tell me. He told me not to let not being out of shape make me look stupid out there.

"He said to not let anybody stop me from my goals. He is a wonderful speaker. He knows how to get a point across. I could listen to him talk 24/7.

"I had a good time up there. It wasn't like I thought it was going to be or how people told me it was going to be."

Earlier in the process, Quay made an early commitment to Ole Miss. Since that time he has backed off of that decision in an effort to participate in the recruiting process.

Several schools have offered or are on the verge.

"I have offers from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, Southern Miss, UCLA, Oregon and Florida State wants to offer me," reported Evans. "Memphis, Vanderbilt and Stanford are all waiting until this year coming up to offer."

Quay denies a favorite at this time and he wants to learn more about campus life and his ability to earn a degree before he makes a final decision.

"What is going to be most important to me is that at the end of the day I want an education," said the Morton standout. "That is at the top of my list. I want to be a better player and a better person. It's not all about sports with me.

"I know Alabama and Nick Saban are known for winning. They won it all last year and they might win it again this year. I would love to go to a school that always in a BCS bowl game, but mainly I want to go to a place I feel part of the team and I get my education. It's not just about football.

"I don't want to be with someone that is only going to use me as an athlete. I want to go somewhere that they care about me as a person and they are going to be sure I get my education."

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