Punishment for Richardsons, Shirley

After the arrest of Paul Richardson, Shaquille Richardson and Josh Shirley on charges of felony theft, the big question looming was: What would UCLA do about it? Here's what we're hearing...

Paul Richardson, Shaquille Richardson and Josh Shirley, the three incoming freshman UCLA football players, will have to go to a junior college for a semester, according to sources.

The three were arrested on suspicion and theft last week. Sources are indicating that they stole a student's purse. They were arrested, booked at a county jail and released early Thursday morning. Both Richardsons were released on $20,000 bail, and Shirley was released without bail. They will face felony theft charges.

Since the arrest came to light, the question has been what kind of disciplinary action Rick Neuheisel and the UCLA football program would take.

Bruin Report Online learned Monday that the three will be forced to attend a JC for the first semester. If they then do well academically and are "good citizens," they will be admitted back into UCLA for the quarter starting in January.

This, theoretically, gives UCLA three more open scholarships to get under the NCAA limit of 85 for the 2010-2011 school year, or to even admit any other potential recruits for fall.

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