Scout Notes - Danny Shelton

Scout takes a look at offensive/defensive lineman Danny Shelton of Auburn, Wash., one of the stars of UCLA's Linemen Camp last month...

Scout - Scott Kennedy
Who - Danny Shelton
When - 6/29/2010
How - Game Film
Tahoma vs Auburn

As an offensive guard, Shelton plays with good pad level and leg drive. He has little trouble getting to the second level. He keeps his head up and looks to help block, sometimes getting two or even three blocks on any given play. He shows a good change of direction allows him to block smaller players like linebackers. 

He has good effort and follows up plays downfield. Good balance and keeps a good base so he doesn't lunge for his blocks. Strong initial punch, could use his hands better to maintain his block. Lines up at tackle as well, has an attacking style of pass blocking. which is more like a good run block than using a drop step and set.

At defensive line, he's a straight ahead nose guard type that fires off the ball trying to drive his blocker backwards. He does a good job of holding his blocker in place and maintaining his ground, but doesn't do a very good job of disengaging from his blocker to get involved in the play.

Shelton's skill set seems to be better suited long term for the offensive side of the ball at offensive guard.

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