Bell Finally Rings For the Bruins

CC of San Francisco quarterback Darius Bell gets the news he's been hoping for and his future is clear with UCLA...

CC of San Francisco quarterback Darius Bell had done everything required of him to get out of CCSF and on to UCLA.

Bell graduated with his A.A., spent the last few weeks frantically trying to get the right paperwork to the right people, and finally got everything he needed in.

Then he waited. On Tuesday, he got the news he was hoping to hear.

"It's official, I'm going to UCLA," said Bell. "Coach (Rick) Neuheisel talked to me today and let me know. I've been waiting for it a long time. It's been a long stretch of time. He was just about as excited as I was. He just called me and said admissions gave me the o.k. I was actually out running and I came home and my dad was on the phone with him. I've been on standby and waiting for the news. It's such a relief." Bell said he expects all the paperwork to be signed Monday.

"I'll be down there next week, most likely, and I'll get to throw with the team," said Bell. "I have family down there I'll be staying with until everything is official and all the paperwork is signed. But I'll start throwing with them next week."

Bell said he called his brother, Kahlil Bell, a former Bruin running back, to let him know.

"Kahlil is real excited," said Bell. "I called and I let him know and he was real proud of me and said he wanted me to follow his footsteps."

Bell said he also gave the news to his coach at CCSF, legendary JC coach George Rush.

"I called Coach Rush and told him I'd be taking my talents to UCLA and he said 'good, because you weren't going to start for me this year," Bell said. "Nah, he was preparing for it and was hoping I'd be able to realize my dream."

Bell said his familiarity with the Bruin program was a big reason why he wanted to continue his career at UCLA.

"I'm just familiar with everything there," said Bell. "I played against Steve Sloan and I know Derrick Coleman because my brother kind of took him under his wings and Derrick and I camped at UCLA together. And that linemen we just got today (Casey Griffiths), from American River, I played against him in our bowl game." Bell said with the whirlwind it's been to get squared away admissions-wise, he hasn't spoken much about his playing time expectations.

"Coach (Norm) Chow said he wanted me to come in and make an impact but being that it is almost August, I'm not sure how able I'll be to learn the position like the back of my hands, because it's not like playing running back. But I can tell you, I'll work real hard, and try to put myself in a position now to play."

In the meantime, Bell is enjoying his final days in the Bay Area.

"I'm just relaxing, and hanging out with everyone because I'm about to leave for a couple years," said bell. "I'm enjoying this because people have been doubting me for a long time. People were telling me I was making the wrong decision, that I should play safety, and that I was crazy to think I was a quarterback and for going to Montana State. Now I'm ready to prove everyone wrong. I've got a chip on my shoulder. There is always going to be doubters. So now I'll go out and give 110 percent."

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