JR QB Prospect Nate Longshore

He's big and has a live arm, and he's hearing early from most of the big programs in the west. Canyon Country's quarterback prospect <b>Nate Longshore</b> says he wants to weigh all his options when considering colleges, and he provides us an early list of favorites...

Nate Longshore, 6-4, 215, Canyon Country (Calif.) Canyon, is on many of the short lists of the best quarterbacks in the west coast for the high school class of 2004.

In his junior season, he threw for about 2100 yards and 18 touchdowns, while running for six scores. Longshore is thought to have great size (he might be even bigger than 6-4), and very good arm strength.

"I think my strengths are how hard I can throw the ball and my accuracy," Longshore said. "I'd like to work on my quickness, but doesn't just about everyone say that?"

Longshore hasn't gone unnoticed by some of the bigger programs in the west and across the country. "I'm getting the most mail from UCLA, USC, Oregon, BYU and probably Stanford," Longshore said.

While he said he's very wide open to schools, Longshore said there was a loose list of schools he's considering. "USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Texas A&M, Colorado, Kansas State, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Stanford and at least a few others. I like California, too, but I haven't heard at all from them yet."

Being Mormon, many close to the football recruiting scene have thought that Longshore would be a done deal for BYU. But he says that's not the case and he's very open to going somewhere else.

Growing up in SoCal, Longshore said he'd like to stay on the west coast for colllege, preferably. "Of course, closer would be nice. It would be nice to stay local so my family could go to the games. But I want to go to school where I'm needed, where I can play and really fit in. If that's not a local school, that's okay."

Longshore, when listing USC, said he did take notice when the Trojans got a commitment from John David Booty Monday. "Yeah, well, wherever I go, I'm going to have competition. I mean, you don't want to compete with eight other freshmen quarterbacks or something like that. But I'm expecting I'll have to compete wherever I go. USC getting Booty doesn't really mean anything. Because I know it's going to be a matter of who's better in two years, and not who's better now or who has more hype now, or the best stats in high school. I'm pretty confident about myself. Getting good competition makes you play harder and get better."

Longshore does have some experience with UCLA and USC, having attended games at both the Coliseum and the Rose Bowl last season. He also just attended USC's spring practice on Saturday, and says he intends to go to UCLA's spring practice next month. He's spoken with USC's Pete Carroll and said that, with the UCLA coaching change, has spoken with UCLA assistant coach Gary Bernardi.

Longshore said he's looking for a good balance of athletics and academics. "The football program has to be solid. And then I want to major in business, so the business program has to be good. I'm also looking for a good capus, a good location and surroundings."

When it comes to whether he'll commit early, Longshore was pretty certain about his plans. "I'm going to wait for sure. I want to watch all the teams, get to know the programs, see who commits where early, and weigh all my options."

Because of scheduling conflicts, he might have to miss the Los Angeles Nike Camp April 6th, but said that the Palo Alto Nike Camp May 10th is a possibility.

He said he has a 3.4 GPA and scored an 1110 on the SAT.

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